Thursday, January 3, 2019

Gratitude 2019

Thank you for this new year, Lord
Thank you for bringing me safely through 2018.
Despite all my fears and worries and loss of faith, you carried me through
I love the foot prints poem.  
You are so much like my parents when I was a child
You pick me up when I’m so tired
You put me in bed when I can hardly stay awake
You end the pain with sleep
You guide me at times when I am lost.
There’s those little indications of synchronicity
The words of a friend or family member
The special message that is embedded in a phrase 
That helps me through a day.
I’ve so thankfuf for all of these reminders
That I’m not alone
I am so thankful for that sense of your being here
Watching me, caring, loving.

I’m so thankful for the health I have.
Let me never take for granted all the wonders of this body
Though my sight and hearing are failing I’ve so much more than so many.
Help me to see what I have and not focus so much on what I have not
Help me to embrace my aging and the joys of wisdom
Help me to understand my journey.

Thank you for Jesus. Thank you for the Holy Spirit
Thank you for saints of all religions.
Thank you for the church.
Thank you for the wisdom teachings.
Thank you for peace within.
Protect me and guide me and show me how I can know you more.

Thank you for joy and love and kindness
Thank you for family, friends, work, rest, food, shelter, transportation.
Thank you for my pets, those special roommates who make life so much better.
Thank you for this day, this new year, this canvass to paint on,
Remind me of priorities. Help me to focus always on you Lord
Help me live my life to the best of my ability
Help me to dream the impossible dream
Help me to be with you and walk by your side
Help me in the great game of hide and seek
Help me to know that you are always reaching out for me
Help me to let the Hound of Heaven catch me.
Help me to slow down and know you are with me
Help me to turn the handle in the right direction.
Thank you lord for all that has come before 
Thank you for all that you have prepared for me
Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
God before me, god above me, god below me, god beside me, god inside me
Let me know you better
Still my fear Lord
Remind me ever that you are with me.
Thank you Lord, this day, this life.

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