Tuesday, December 5, 2017

If love is the answer

If love is the answer, then you would defend yourself and your family and friends.  I just watched Felon last night. It was a powerful movie about a man falsely accused and incarcerated for defending his family.  It’s message encouraged one to consider just how many people are in jail who are indeed not guilty.
False accusations are increasing exponentially with the rise again of socialism.  In communist countries ,the ultimate expression of socialism, the standing joke was when three people were gathered together, one of them was an informer.  In socialism there is always someone who believes they can improve their lot by accusing another to the authorities.
Those who do make false accusations are sometimes just garden variety psychopaths and sociopaths, more common than many believe. The other sort  are developmentally psychologically immature and falsely accuse their neighbours to please their mommy or daddy, whichever one they feel rejected by and to psychologically conceal their own ‘dirty’ secret.  Of course there are good citizens. But historically part of good citizenship was the ‘openess’ of knowing who your accuser was.  Today ‘mind your own business’ goes hand in hand with the realization that a life in ‘witness protection’ might not be what one personally envisioned.  The check and balance of ‘accusation’ among good citizenry was that it was not done ‘lightly’ as it is today with everyone ‘offended’ and everyone a ‘critic’.
In the Judeo-Christian view from which western laws derived it was taught ‘thou shalt not judge’ and ‘thou shalt not bear false witness’ was one of the 10 commandments along side ‘thou shalt not murder’.  Jesus taught that if you see fault in your neighbour you should first pluck the timber out of your own eye before trying to take the sliver out of another’s.
Yet today, with a society ‘externalized’ by Hollywood and other media celebrations of the evil villains and superhero’s , along with all the propaganda, self reflection is discouraged.  Blame is the name of the game.  Deny deny deny is the answer the lawyer tells the accused.  Notice it’s not ‘silence’ but ‘deny’.  This message to the innoscent and guilty alike is given again and  again in the ever more popular police stories.  From the earliest age children are taught to lie even if they need no encouragement.
If love is the answer, then one needs to beware of Canada’s increasing failure to address ‘perjury’ in the courts.  Further in beurocratic agencies false accusations are sadly apart of the industry of encouraging people to spy on their neighbours and report their neighbours to the authorities.
This is seen in the ‘anonymous ‘tip’ lines’ which are naturally commonly abused.  The extent of the abuse is seen in social services where disputes between mothers on the play ground for whatever reason are sometimes followed by that awful call to child’s services with the claim that one neighbour is doing something wrong.
That these are not being investigated and front and centre of any discussion reflects the need of authorities to maintain their autocratic positions by any means. The loss of ‘truth’ in society is just one casualty that follows this drive to war and anarchy created by the fundamental failing of law and order.
If there is no truth there is no real law and order. In communist countries truth died first.
We are seeing the ‘fake news’ of CBC news, Vancouver Sun and CNN.  These alt left and alt right media compete in lies. Harvard University reported that 75% of CNN news coverage during the recent election was highly biased (essentially ‘untrue’).
Truth is the first casualty of war.
If love is the answer, then truth is the question.

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