Saturday, July 22, 2017

Vancouver Art Gallery - Monet

I really did enjoy the Claude Monet exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery.  I arrived an hour  before closing.  I must return.
I used to go regularly to the art gallery when I lived in the West End.  I loved the Emily Carr exhibit. I made the decision I must go more often once again when I was enjoying walking through the  National Art Gallery in Ottawa. Laura and I had  so enjoyed the  MET,  Neue and MoNa galleries in New York at Christmas. We even enjoyed our friend Barbara Harris pictures of her time walking through those galleries commenting on our different and overlapping interests.
I do love the ROM in Toronto and went often when I lived there as I did the Tate when I lived in London. I loved the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.
Bicycling across Europe in my 20’s I loved the art galleries and museums so very much then.  The Rembrandt museum remains most memorable.
Vancouver isn’t that large a city.  It's neither  old enough to have extensive exhibits. Further we've not conquered other countries and taken their art in conquest.  Still we do well with touring exhibits.
This Claude Monet was wonderful.  I love the Water Lillies. In New York the exhibit is huge. He really did paint on a grand scale. What we have of his garden here gives more than a taste.  I really liked the lay out with the pictures of him in his garden.  The modern day photographs of the region where he painted, including a willow like his painting was an especially creative presentation. What a great idea! Galleries expand our knowledge of artists and their work as their presentations themselves are a special form of art.
A lot of people were thinking as I was.  Old and young were enjoying the exhibit.  I used to come for the cafe and the gift shop too.  The gift shop is unsurpassed in Vancouver for elegant Vancouver.  I bought two unique gifts for the favourite people in my life.
I want to come back when I have more time. Laura  loved the Monet we saw  in New York and Ottawa  so hopefully we’ll get back together.  It’s a special way to share an hour or two.  The space of a gallery is just so inspirational.  A perfect place for contemplation and reflection.

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