Thursday, July 13, 2017


Thank you Lord for the little sparrow that landed on the ground near the bushes where Gilbert pees each day. Gilbert was prancing on before me on his leash and the little bird landed. He bypassed that place respecting the little sparrow and moving on to lift his leg further along,. I watched as the sparrow pecked about a bit then flitted off.

I woke up then. I saw the grey blue morning sky and noted the smoke tinge in the air. The fires in the north have been raging for days. I looked again and saw the happy purposeful briskness in Gilbert's walk. His mission this morning as in most mornings was to take us to the path by the river where he kindly does his business ,by the garbage bin specifically labelled for doggie waste.

What got me was that until the sparrow landed I'd been on automatic. The alarm went off. I jumped out of bed. I stopped in the washroom, pulled on my sweats and t shirt and hoodie, then stepped into my sandals in the living room, grabbed my keys and his leash and went out the door locking it. We were out the door and down the road before I actually became aware. The morning ritual was so ingrained that it was as if I was sleep walking.

The sparrow wasn't different from other sparrows. Small and nondescript. Greyish with a touch of brown. But it was like a gift from God that brought me into the present where I appreciatred the day, feeling the breeze, seeing the sky, smiling at my little dog's bouncing determined walk, aware again of the wonder of creation≥

Thank you God for the little sparrows of life.

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