Saturday, July 15, 2017

Blog Manager for Google Blogger

I remember when I had a palm pilot with a keyboard that fit in my breast pocket. I was on a motorcycle trip up by Lillouette and wrote a story on a picnic table beside my tent. That was heaven but it wasn't attached to the internet. Now I've just got the new iphone 7 and had this new iPad Pro but what I like to do is blog.  So naturally Google doesn't keep up with Apple IOS upgrades. So the Blogger Program I'd been using doesn't work with the new Ipad.  I use MarsEdit on my MacBook Pro and love it. The iPad and iPhone were the problem.
Thankfully Blogo worked but it didn't work with uploading pictures.
Now Tuyen Dinh has come out with a $3.00 app called Blog Manager for Google Blogger.  He says it's the best replacement app for the original blogger app. This is the trial run.
These are the two pictures I took with the new IPhone 7 to show the zoom on the camera.  There's two separate cameras in the iphone 7.
(IT WORKED. Thank you Tuyen Dinh)

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