Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Political Absurdity and Hotel Canada

Just turned on the CBC radio for 1 minute, and heard "Harper is the blame for that!" Didn't bother listening further but hit the Sirius Radio button that gave me praise music.  Justin Trudeau has been prime minister for almost a year now and they continue to 'blame' the past and deny their own accountability like a truant 13 yo child,
The liberals have all but dismantled Canada, shipping billions of dollars offshore, denying our energy industry access to ports, after 50 billion dollars transfer payments per year to Quebec, not requiring Quebec to support the rest of Canada but rather transferring all new contracts to Quebec and letting the rest of Canada suffer.  Justin Trudeau has mostly flitted about the world at taxpayer expense playing Jetsetter Playboy with his dufus wife and her 2 nannies  and taking his in laws along. He's allowed countless terrorists to be brought into the country by not vetting migrants but fast tracking the Syrian Sunni muslems who have already been shown in Europe to be infiltrated by warriors. All accross Canada Muslem Imans are involved in hate speech and Danish muslem migrants are marching in the streets saying kill Danes.  Meanwhile white men and especially pro Israeli jews are being targetted by the politically correct liberal totalitarian regime presently 'fixing' the voter registry to remove 'representative government' in Canada.
Climate change is a political lie without scientific basis and Trudeau, scientifically illiterate as he is, has created a ministry of Climate Change and Environment. This is akin to a ministry of "Leeching and Medicine."  It's as bizarre and unconscionable as the Gotthard Base Tunnel celebration that had former East German communist Merkel watching a neo pagan satanic rite with the celebration of the "horned man'.
Right now Justin Trudeau, has had his bro event with Obama and the Mexican leaders and removed visas for Mexicans despite the cartel criminality and the criminal migration which caused the need for Visas in the first place. Justin Trudeau is in a hug fest with the Communist Chinese leader just like his Mao and Castro loving father Pierre. The attraction of communism is it's totalitarianism, what Lenin called 'dictatorship of the proletariat'.  
There doesn't appear to be any any benefits for Canadians except for the signing of the trade agreements which Mr. Harper indeed created, for instance the Ukraine Canada.
Countless billions of dollars were promised for infrastructure spending , the so called 'modest deficit' but this money has gone offshore and been used as payback for Liberal cronyism.  The country is indebted, just like it was by Pierre Trudeau for generations to come, the young paying and their children paying for the Trudeau accounting scandal.  Make the grand children pay!!!  School debts rise, no one but the rich and elite can afford housing and there is general unrest which is concealed by the propaganda media which refuses to report anything but 'pro Trudeau' 'fashion' adverts.
In the US Hillary has been caught breaking the law and letting her emails go unsecured and thereby causing death and destruction to US offshore interests. She apparently is as sexy as her husband Bill but her preference is the Saudi Hunan whose 'beard' husband sent pictures of his penis around Washington.  As a friend said, the Game of Thrones is tame compared to the Clinton dynasty.  Bernie dropped out of the race and Trump remains republican.  Behind the scene billionaires puppeteers are pulling the strings and UN military vehicles are being sighted all over the mid west. The Mid west is where New York Hillary Clinton destroyed the mostly rural incomes of the predominantly Republican citizenry in the classic "White Water Scandal " which was thought to be the 'flagship' for the Fanny May and Goldman Sack destruction of the world economy for profit.
Only Iceland jailed it's bankers. Wall Street continued and trembles because Trump has threatened to 'audit the IRA".  Too many bodies and bribes of all the elite are buried so there is 'satire' constantly in an attempt of undermine the 'populist choice'.  The movie 13 hours, showing the State Department Clinton abandonment of the American ambassador in Libya with the hienous 'Benghazi' scandal has just come out.
Black Lives Matter has held up the Toronto Pride parade and with social terrorism 'extorted' the Pride committee to attack the Police which is what Beyonce has been demanding anyway.
The lies about the shooting of blacks by police are so extraordinary that Goebbels is definitely writing the script.  Orlando , Islamic terrorists stage another massacre and Obama appears to cry crocadile tears though when a black criminal is killed attempting to kill a cop the White House mourns as if Lincoln were shot.  Meanwhile more cops are killed by the Black Lives Matter supporters and the new black panther supporters.
French authorities say France is on the verge of civil war as migrants rape children and the police don't respond. The hundreds of women raped and sexually assaulted in Cologne Germany are told to stop being racist by criticizing Islamic men who call western women whores.  The Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal saw 1200 children raped and sexually assault by gangs of Islamic men and the police and authorities covered it up.
The Left has lost all moral relevance as their ideology is simply described as dictatorship of the Sharia Communism.
The new Phillipine leader is killing the Islamic pirates who were beheading Canadians while Justin Trudeau took selfies of himself after screaming in the once hallowed Canadian parliament "Get the fuck out of my way!"
Pot is yet to be legalized in Canada but pot dispensaries are everywhere.  Further supervised opiate injections sites are spreading across Canada as fast.
Canada is the new money laundering location for the world with every suspicious character buying million dollar plus properties in Canada and leaving them vacant.
Taxes are rising exponentially.  The air we breathe is being taxed with the new Carbon Tax that claims carbon dioxide , what we exhale needs taxing. Soon their will be a meter on the urinals and toilets to assess individual tax potential while Hydro meters blame Canadians for the humungous corrupt energy rips offs by the Ontario liberal leaders.
Canada's dollar is 75 cents on the American.  Canadians lost a quarter of the savings this year and no one gets it. Their pension plans are being taken by the Liberals and those who are the working middle class will be pushing Safeway carts and Superstore carts left for them by the better housed migrants and drug addicts.  Veterans have no say in Canada today.  Pensioners are told they can have marijuana or physician assisted suicide.

It doesn't look good.
But that' the irony and humor of the theatre d'absurd.

Justin Trudeau and Canada are the biggest joke.  The emperor has no clothes but the corrupt media, especially CBC, communist broadcasting corporation, continues to spin the lies.

Welcome to Hotel Canada, it's a lovely place!!!!

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