Friday, July 8, 2016

Gratitude July 2016

Thank you God for my awakening. Thank you for the sweet memories of dreams of another world and time.  Dr. Carl Jung called this place the ‘collective unconscious’.  Thank you for being with me there and leaving me with memories of those I travelled with and spoke with then.
You God are one. All is you. I am a dreamer in your dream.  There are infinite possibilities. There is no limit to your imagination.  Grant me the joy of greater health and life for those I love.  Help them this day.  Cure them of their dis-ease.  Help me to see all that you bring to me as challenge is but lesson. Help me forgive those who I abhor.  Let me be more forgiving of Justin Trudeau and the Liberals.  Help  stop their lies and treachery.
But Lord, it’s just security that disturbs me. I am afraid as I age that Justin Trudeau and his cabal of Quebec and pot head followers will steal my future. I have worked 12 hour days 7 days a week in the most dangerous and most difficult places with the most frightening and disturbed people.  I have been shot at and threatened, held hostage, my dog killed, even now there is a psychopath who threatens my life and the lives of others. I have hired a psychopath who lied and stole and hurt countless people because I trusted her and she was with empathy.  Help me to forgive her and all those who have hurt me because I trusted and helped them.  What is it today that people are constantly biting the hands that feed, hurting the very people who help but clearly they are unable to help themselves.
Liberal lies and ideology of divide and conquer, political correctness, destruction of freedom of speech and dismantling of democracy and the world I lived for is frightening to me. I simply have to admit I fear a future pushing a shopping cart or being killed by a liberal administrator smiling and saying they are killing me for my sake and I’m screaming as I am gassed or injected in the new ‘physician assisted suicide’.  I have met physicians who would kill for profit. The abortion industry has the most lucrative easiest jobs in all of medicine and the most unsavoury of doctors, banal sorts, serving them. The same will happen with the physician assisted sucide sorts, banality at its worst. And like Mortgentaller, the great Hitler killing machine to the unborn,  the irony of his ‘identification with the aggressor’, a disgusting degenerate human whose passion for killing was so well disguised. Yet our government gave him the Order of Canada.  That suggests that the elite want us dead.  They want the UN, a collection of gangster’s tyrants and psychopathic eurocrats like their monster confreres of Brussels, the Arendt banality, the Nuremberg sorts, the committee folk who like zombies deny responsibility and accountability, the perverse and weak, those who did it like the killers in those great 60’s experiments.
Forgive me Lord.
Emmett Fox teaches well that we must focus on the positive. God gives us what we most want and that is decided by our focus. Thank you for Rona Ambrose of the Conservatives. She has been a breath of light since the great gentleman Mr. Harper left the stage of politics.  I am so thankful for her grace and brilliance.  When I fear that women have all become petulant cry babies falsely accusing men of their own perverse imagining I think of Rona Ambrose and her strength of character and trust she would not deny men a place to speak and refuse to have places of dialogue like feminist do who play two face games of protect me and don’t protect me all the while loving the Muslim abuse of women, silent before honour killings but claiming ‘men raped me with their eyes’ and “I was emotionally abused by the man in the room.’
Forgive the horrid witch trial judges of our day, these false old men playing to the gallery and themselves unveiled. These have been horrible times.
Help me to focus on the light.  Let me know you God ,that all is right. That you are taking everything and turning it to your good plan.  I want to overcome my fear of death, disease and disability.  If I can believe that I’ll just die and not suffer torture at the hands of the bureaucracy, these banal Arendt type overpaid administrator sorts that stole medicare and made it bureaucracy care and claimed that they were doing right when the corruption of the Liberal government is so deep and eastern with money going to biker gangs and eastern mobs and nannies and the godless UN>
Forgive me for not seeing the light in the darkness. Be the lighthouse for me God. Be thou my lighthouse. Help me be optimistic about the future and as a kindergarten where we are learning.
Help me focus on my mistakes and be less adolescent in my criticism of the ‘big picture’ when here I am overweight, not exercising enough, not loving enough, not attentive enough , not focused enough, not using my time efficiently, grandiosely thinking I’ve done a lot when that’s only because I’m comparing myself to those who are not my cohort. Help me to be as kind and loving and bright as those I’ve known as mentors.
May I emulate have Dr. Willi Gutowski’s love of family and love of God and love of the Holy Bible. May I be like him in my inner spiritual quest.
May I emulate Dr. Phillip Ney’s brilliance and care for the vulnerable and joie de vivre and genius in research and care for the unborn and love of the mother and family.
May I emulate Dr. John Christensens’ strength and insight and love and compassion and his persistence despite all obstacles with his sense of incredible humour.
May I emulate Dr. George Chalmers love of family and clinical medicine and incredible observation skills as he so enjoys people and life and cares for others and writes such whimsical passages on the smallest and greatest keeping a sense of humour in all trials.
May I emulate Dr. Art Merrell whose family are so much a reflection of the love of him and Carrall and his genius is so much a part of his work and world of depth of insight and care of others and amazing down home humour and joie de vivre.  I must think of Art and see his smile and laughter at even the most difficult of occasions and know that right will right.  The good prevails despite all apparent adversity.
May I emulate Dr. Sam Sussman’s love of family and love of learning, his incredible erudition, wisdom and depth of character, his service to so many and yet his humility despite so much well deserved claim.
May I emulate Dr. James Houston’s love of family and friends and all especially his students and his profound insights into scripture as well as his ability to live his life in accordance with the very depth of his love of Jesus.
May I emulate Dr. Carl Ridd, his life,  and his insight into the depth and godliness is literature and his life of service and care for others.
May I emulate Dr. Nady el Guebaly whose research is so profound and his love of friends and camaraderie so distinct and his generosity of spirit coupled with such genius.
May I emulate Dr. Graham Cunningham whose sense of humour and care for others and his ability to make a silk purse out of any sows ear that comes to him is so insanely inspiring. He is a brilliant loving man who can reach even the darkest corner because he has such character
 May I emulate Dr. Nathan Pollock whose love of family and love of the simple and love of others and yet his outsider perspective of the odd is so warm and touching.
May I emulate Bernice Lever who sees the good in all and celebrates the spiritual sensuality in creation keeping the dynamic alive where otherwise there would be but static.  Thank you for Aussie Steve and his life of love and kindness and example of the highest humanity.
May I emulate  Margaret and Jean and Bob , Ben and Dennis and Margot for they are such good people and their love of family and friends and their struggles with themselves to reach for the highest in creativity and communication are so inspiring
Thank you for these and all the others who have inspired me, like Dr. Ray Baker and Don Hedges.
May I look around me to the highest and not the lowest. May I ever see the light and know it’s warmth despite the dark and cold.
Thank you God for all these angels, these amazing people who over the years have given me the finest examples of life and work and despite you sending them to me almost daily I still fuck up and stagger and cry and wallow and feel alone when it’s so obvious that there is such love and greatness in the world. Help me to ignore the hysteria of media and look to these real people I know and see that there is evidence of God and goodness in these amazing angels with the genius of Sam and Phillip and Nady and and the heart and compassion Willi and Ray and Nathan and John and so many others.
Help me give my head and shake and see these people rather than focusing on the negative.  I am surrounded by light there is no need to see only the shadow.
Thank you Lord for all the guidance and love you have shown me through the people, not just these but so many others and my family and my parents and my dearest closest friends and those who have worked with me as colleagues and staff. I must run now, as ever late, but thank you Lord for coming to me through people.
Thank you

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so many people and life to be grateful for