Sunday, July 10, 2016

Kevin, Anna, Izik, Alex and Kendra

I surely enjoyed seeing my friends and god kids at St. James Anglican Church today.  Gilbert loves Anna.  Kendra has the bluest eyes and reminds me whenever I see her of the fairy queen in the movie, Lord of the Rings.  She kept bringing me books and pointing to pictures throughout the service.
The children are all so well behaved.
I finally remembered to give them the little lamb toys Laura and I got for them when we were in Ireland a year ago.  The kids loved them.
I enjoyed the service. Too long since I’ve been to St. James.  The interim minister seemed more relaxed than when I first met him.  I enjoyed communion and especially seeing the church friends I’ve made over the year.
After church Kevin and Anna and the kids and I met at the White Spot on North Road and Loughheed. I’d been riding the Harley and dropped Gilbert off before joining up with the family.
Felt almost catholic and friday as everyone wanted fish.  I really do enjoy fish and chips at White Spot. Great service.  Crayons and booklets for the kids, booster seats and one high chair.  Kevin said grace and we all held hands except Kendra didn’t quite reach Alex.  Anna was looking smashing in new digs from place Laura knows.  Kevin in a jacket too. I was the under dressed one for church.  Harley leather.  Last week, Angle booked Gilbert for his summer spa visit hair cut and grooming.

Kevin and I talked politics.  How adult.  Last time we talked spirituality.  Anna brought me up to date with Elizabeth.  We all shared on matters of religion and family.
I was sorry when we had to part.  All the kids climbed on the motorcycle.
“If this was Cambodia, you as a family with the three kids would be driving like this on a 100 cc honda.”
Not in Canada.  Yet.
I wouldn’t want to emulate the Cambodia use of 2 wheeled motorcycles but really hope that one day we’ll be able to use quads in the city as they do in Europe.
Uplifted by the inspiration of Kevin and Anna and the children.
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