Saturday, July 26, 2014

Coal Harbour to Nanaimo

Well, I almost decided it was too much  work to go all the way to Nanaimo with only the weekend. It’s 30 miles from Vancouver and 5 to 6 hours crossing time. I woke this morning at  6 am after a great sleep in the boat.  Gilbert thought it was time to lick my face. Having been to the spa he’s lost his hair so cuddled the night beside in the warmth of the bed. When he’s got his long hair he starts the night beside me but quickly goes to lie on the floor.  I love the smell of coffee and sea air.
Sitting in the cockpit I watched one of my neighbours readying to go out. He was an inspiration. I thought A&W egg sausage would be a good thing with Gilbert having a chance for a walk before we left, if we left.  Damn there was my friend heading out on his boat.  Now that’s a whole lot of inspiration.
Gilbert did his business. We had breakfast at A&W, another coffee, orange juice, egg and sausage and hash browns. They make the tastiest sausages which Gilbert loves though he prefers the burger at MacDonald’s.  It was a good leisurely breakfast and a nice leisurely walk.
A truly beautiful day.  Blue sky, billowing white clouds way off to the side.  Sunshine, glorious sunshine.  I filled the water tank having used up some with the morning shower.  Then it was disconnecting the electricity. I checked the oil level on the engine. It was good.  I started the Volvo Penta, a marvellous growl then that blessed purr.  The exhaust water was spitting out with the right volume at the back.  I got Gilbert into his life jacket then go on the dock to un tie the dock lines.  Back on the boat I steered into the channel.
It was an ebb tide. With 4 knots behind me and the motor running at 2500 rpm I was across the 5 miles of Coal Harbour in a little over a half hour.  Once I was under Lions Gate Bridge I was free. Lots of boats out on the water.  Fishing boats. Sailboat.  Not many sails up because the winds was only 6 knots.  Tom had fixed the wind speed indicator for me when we installed the new radio. Only a matter of a mis wiring but now I’ve got a windspeed indicator again.  Right now it’s 8 knots but some of that is from my forward speed.

We’re half way across Georgia Striat. I’ve not put up the sails because the wind was on my nose most of the way. Now it’s moved around to where I could actually sail on a close haul and stay pretty much on track.  The Volvo sounds so nice right now and I really do want to get the 50 hours in so I can have Stem to Stern check it out after it’s been broken in.  Right now I’ve got 27 hours on it.   Nanaimo is somewhere up there.  I think I’ll have to adjust the autopilot and maybe plot my position.  I’m pretty sure the dip in  the hills I’m looking at is Nanaimo but it just might be Porlier.  I’m kind of navigating by the seat of my pants.  Averaging about 6.2 know a lll the way so far with the adjustments of speed to help break the engine in.
Gilbert is sleeping on a blanket and cushion under the chair. He follows me wherever I go.  If I go into the cabin he’s right behind me. If I go to the bow I turn around and little guy is there to make sure I’m not leaving him behind.  He’s a funny little guy.  Great companion.
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Anonymous said...

your boat look really good
and your little dog too

John Tunschel said...

Nice pics