Saturday, July 12, 2014

Gibsons Landing, British Columbia

My goodness but it’s been a long time since I came ashore in Gibson’s .  The whole harbour has had a face lift. The town is warm and inviting. It’s a real little tourist haven like the San Juan Islands towns always have been. When I was last here a decade or more ago Gibson’s wasn’t at all welcoming. It seemed it was a quiet place for the locals and they really didn’t care too much for tourists. Now they’ve thrown out the welcome mat.
I’ve always sailed to Plumper Cove  but because Gibsons was  drab when last  I was there I never made the effort to leave Keat’s Island and go across to the Sunshine Coast.  When I’d taken the motorcycle up the SunShine Coast I’d simply got of the ferry and bypassed Gibson without appreciating what a little jewel the town is.  Now I really must go back again and again.
The artisans have stores in town with a wide range of local products and crafts.  The fare reminded me of the Farmer’s Market at Salt Spring Island.  I loved the little marina store.  I got the floating rope I needed for the dinghy and the bung I needed for the buggered cockpit through hull.  The women there were delightful.  All the marinas in the island seem to now have these really friendly inviting folk working in the marina offices.  The old curmudgeons have gone somewhere, probably died off.  Their suspiciousness and superiority was enough to give anyone gas.  This marina reminded me of the well run Bowen Island marina I so enjoy.  I really must make a point of coming in to dock with my sailboat.  It’s busy in the summer but a great destination for winter cruising.  I prefer docking in winter months and anchoring in summer.  The electricity heating and running water in winter months make cruising so much more enjoyable if ones stays at a marina.  I sail year round. The weather's unbeatable right now but cruising in the islands is always great.
Gilbert and I walked up to a trail that took us up a hill to a magnificent view of the harbour.  It seems everywhere one goes theres a trail man has made to a viewpoint.  We might well have some eagle genes in the species.  On the top of the hill here there was even a park bench for sitting.  The view was truly magnificent.  I could see my sailboat at anchor as a speck beyond the furthest sailboat with all sails up.  I love Gibsons.
After we walked down and Gilbert lay in the cool stream drinking mountain water ,I stopped at Fish and Chips.  Great ladies. Funny and welcoming.  Gave Gilbert more water and a cookie. Best Ling Cod ever.  I told them I’d planned to go fishing this morning but I was happy fishing in their restaurant.
We cast off from the dinghy dock and scooted back to the boat.
It’s 6 pm. Theres a concert in the town at the modular stage by the marina at 7pm.  I wonder if I’ll skip back and listen from my boat.  Hard to move once I’m in the comfort of the corner of this couch.  Gilbert’s snoozing. I’m drinking perrier water.
So far it’s been a really full day, though I can’t say where its gone.  I did appreciate the Hallelujah choir and orchestra playing for me with the medals and such for getting off my ass  and going to town earlier. I just think a nap would be nice now.  It’s till pretty hot,   I do have a book to read.
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