Friday, July 4, 2014

SV GIRI off the hard and sea trials with new Volvo

The SV GIRI, a duck out of water these last two weeks, was finally restored to water by the boat lift crew of Lynwood.  Alex, from Stem to Stern, had completed the new Volvo Penta 40 hp with new shaft and properly pitched propeller.
I’d bottom sanded, bottom painted and replaced the zinc on the GIRI.  Gilbert had supervised when he wasn’t distracted helping humans throw yellow tennis balls for him.
It was very exciting to have the boat lift lower the boat with us in it back into the ocean.  A boat belongs in water.  The SV GIRI looked positively happy descending.
The new engine came to life with a press of a button. It had a quiet dignified growl.  Engaging the throttle,  I could immediately feel the difference.  There’s 10 hp more power and an extra cylinder compared to my old Yanmar  3 cylinder 26 hp.  No exhaust leaks into the cabin was a major plus..  What a clean and quiet engine.
We stopped for Alex to tighten more hoses and check water intake installation.  He's as handy with docking lines as he is with wrenches.  He drives a triumph motorcycle as well as having a good sized sailboat.
3000 rpm was FULL OPEN Throttle for the Volvo Penta on my boat with my propeller.   We got 7 knots maybe more.  My speedometer wasn't working, likely I got paint in the turning wheel, so we used our cell phone gps.  The cruising speed at 2500 rpm was 6.5 knots.   Hull speed is a factor.   There was wind and current as well.  We tried going with and against both.  The engine ran really well.  The improvement in performance was readily apparent.  
Alex has done a real skookum job of installing the Volvo Penta.  He told me it was the 7th engine he'd installed this year.  He made several improvements in customizing the engine to my boat.
 An accomplished offshore sailor who’d single handed to the Galapagos in a 30 footer,  working  for 12 years in diesel mechanics, his love is his wife and son. His son's birthday is this weekend and they're having a birthday party with the boy dressing up as a pirate.  Definitely a nautical family.
Alex really has did a fine job on the installation.
I’m back at dock.  Monday , Drew from North Sail is bringing my new genoa.  He's installing with the guys from Pro tech who came around to install new lifelines.  Protech installed the self furling system that did me so well sailing solo to Hawaii.  I wanted them to make sure the new sail was properly installed.  North Sails have supplied my sails.  Pro tech has done my rigging.  Now Stem to Stern Marine who'd always advised me and sold me parts in the past, has installed a new Volvo Penta Diesel Engine.  I phoned Tom who sailed back from Hawaii with me and has done a load of maintenance on my boat to let him know the GIRI has Volvo.
Next weakend I'm sailing and motoring about Strait of Georgia for sure. But this weekend I'm sorely tempted to just motor.  The Volvo is a sweet machine. I'm very thankful for Alex and Stem to Stern Marine Services.  The SV GIRI has a whole new lease on life.  Gilbert and I are back on board.

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