Sunday, December 18, 2011

Waldorf Hotel, Vancouver - Brunch

It was only a week or two back when I posted pictures of Laura and I enjoying brunch on facebook. We bemoaned that the place we'd gone after church was closing.  Laura's friend , Tracy, came back, 'the best Mexican breakfast is at the Waldorf' . We rememberd the Waldorf as a bar.  "She and her husband have been all over the world. I'm pretty sure they would know a good breakfast place when they found one."
So it was the Tikki Room at the Waldorf for Laura and I today after church.  Gilbert protected the car.  Sure enough the atmosphere was fantastic. The waitresses were delightful.  Great energy. And  the Rancho Huervos were out of this world.  Best I've had in Canada.  I even ordered them in Spanish thanks to my Simon Frazer spanish class.  We loved it. The coffee was perfect too.
They won't have brunch again until the first week of January. Feliz Navidad.
It was fun.  Thank you, Tracy!IMG 0325IMG 0324

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