Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chrysler 200

I like renting vehicles when I'm travelling, not just for the convenience of transportation, but because it allows me to truly test drive a vehicle I might one day wish to own.  That was the case with my Harley Davidson , Electra Glyde. I rented it first in Boston then later in Texas.  A year later I bought one at Trev Deely, Vancouver.  I
was fortunate on this trip to visit my father in Ottawa to get a Chrysler 200 from Alamo car rental.  All I specified was a small or mid sizer car easy to park  with trunk room sufficient for a wheel chair and walker.  They gave me the sleek Chrysler 200.  4 door, automatic, with roomy trunk, it was aerodynamically designed for gas mileage efficiency.  A really pretty car.  What struck me at first though was the visibility.  Something about the shape and fit of the front windshield made for increased visibility.  The console was elegant.  At night there was just enough light up front and not too much.  Everything was accessible and visible. Classy really.  I liked the key fob for it's feature that the car could be started from inside.  A must in winter weather with snow on the ground and flurries of snow in the air.  It came with heated seats too.  Easy to operate radio too.  So just sitting in the car with my luggage in the trunk which would hold Dad's walker well, was a pleasure.
Driving was even better. I was seated low to the road and felt like I did in my old mustang.  It was sporty. Great pick up and go.  And most important superb breaking in slush and ice.  I drove it for 5 days and loved it.  So did my father and brother who rode with me.  My brother, used to a Toyota or Volvo, liked it well enough driving it on an icy slushy sleet and snow morning when I thought his experience of Ottawa road conditions would be superior to mine.  Dad appeciated my older brother driving knowing too well of my preference for speed and maneuverability.  The Chrysler certainly was maneuverable. It parked superbly too.
So it was indeed with regret that I left it at Alamo in Ottawa to return to Vancouver.  I'd certainly be glad to own one.IMG 0468

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