Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Presence - Pacific Theatre-Dec182011
It was good to be at Christmas Presence again.  I've gone annually many years and never been disappointed.  The musicians volunteer. There are actors and actresses, skits, readings and poems. It's about Advent and the Coming of the King. Christmas. Mary and the Manger. Jesus the Baby. Wisemen.  All the Christmas Story told in emotions more than words. Songs of love and celebration.  Witty tales of homespun lore. Stories told of contrasts between Christmas and consumerism. Tonight there was even the hilarity of Santa seen through the eyes of Mulder and Skully.  If you visit the site you can see all who were there, keyboards, double drums, banjo, stand up bass, guitars.  Sheree Plett, Peter La Grand, Jeremy Eisenhower, Nelson Boschnan Trio. Colin Stewart. Dwayne Harder. I bought those CD's on the table after the show so suspect these were among those playing.  I don't know if they all were there. Everyone who came to play, to act, to perform arrived this evening and the consumate professionalism was amazing.  Touched by grace no doubt.  Thanks to all who played and came.  Each year's a celebration of the mystery. A full houseIMG 0330

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