Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fisherboy Park Motel and Campground, Sayward, BC

Laura, Gilbert and I loved the Fisherboy cabin I rented for a weekend of elk hunting this December.  Terry and Barbara greeted us when we arrived with the warmest welcome.  There's a general store with all we could want.  Laura bought the makings for snacks and breakfast while I headed out with Gilbert to the bush.  Fisherboy is right off Sayward Junction. That first night we walked the city block (our measurement) to the Cypress Tree Pub and Restaurant. Great meal and lovely host.  Sayward has another restaurant but we would have had to take the truck for that one.  Terry had given us directions to everything we wanted.  His friend even recommended the areas where I might prove successful hunting elk.  Gilbert enjoyed a walk around their grounds with all the great carvings.  While Gilbert and I spent the next day hunting elk Laura enjoyed the cabin and grounds.

I shot an elk but rolled my ATV getting it out.  Steve Mitchell, a local logger, helped me upright the ATV, drove it up to the road and helped Gilbert, me and the elk get back to my truck.  Aching back happy spirit I rolled into Fisherboy.  While I had a hot soak Laura was off to Terry and Barbara to get ibuprofen.  Without their help I'd not have slept that night.  In the morning they were all concerned I was okay.  Terry had even offered the night before to hang my quartered elk in the freezer.  The weather was cold enough I left it hanging in the truck. When I lived on Vancouver Island a decade or two back I always hunted in the Sayward region. It's even more notorious as a place for fishing. I'd love to go back anytime.  It would be a great place to bring my RV next year for hunting or fishing or just exploring the mystical north Vancouver Island.  Terry and Barbara certainly madeDSCN9803 Fisherboy a wonderful place to stay. DSCN9802DSCN9801DSCN9800DSCN9808DSCN9812

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