Friday, December 9, 2011

Ideal Cafe, Campbell River, BC

I stopped at River Sportsman for ammunition.  It's always been known as the place for fishing tackle.  But sure enough, they had rifles and ammunition. Just what I wanted too.30:06 180 grain Nozzler Partition.   Lots of designer outdoor clothing too.  The prettiest little 18 yo  girl  with blond hair and facial piercings seemed dressed tastefully enough to help me pick something warm for Laura. "She's very 'pink', I said, "and think 'sexy grandmother"    With that she showed me the perfect pink and green hoodie with a cammo motif.  I now had the the ammo and designer hoodie.

"Is there a breakfast place you could recommend, " I asked.

"Ideal Cafe," she said. "it's the best food all round but their breakfast is awesome."   The older fellow who might have been the owner or her father nodded sagely behind her.  I got directions.

Breakfast at the Ideal Cafe just leaving Campbell River to Sayward, over the bridge.  Superb pan fries, great sausage. "I love the bacon." said Laura.  I remembered to get a 'take out' sausage for Gilbert .  He agreed. Best food, ever.  The waitress was smart and cute. the decor and cleanliness of the place all round was just as one might hope.

IMG 0296Laura and I both used the washrooms, last stop before Sayward.


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