Friday, February 13, 2009

The King Digested

The King Digested.

And she said,
Because I am a woman
I can eat you
And she began to gnaw upon my entrails
Like a carrion beast.
So he said,
Because I am Jew I can eat you too.
The Indian joined them both.
The rich man and the American,
Soon the black man and the yellow man,
And the Islam and Buddha man
Were are taking part in the feast.
The Hindu, pagan, catholic and a Christian or two,
Biting, tearing, grinding, ripping, swallowing.
Palestinians, Congolese, TV people, anyone really,
Who somehow said that my people hurt their people
Sometime before, so now they could eat me.
Why not? What better logic? Liar. Liar. Pants on fire.
Back to when and when did it begin.
This guilt that you do not share because, well, you do not share.
You said and he and she and it took another piece.
The parts were moving now. Bits of me in them and them in me.
I knew the poison of fear and hate was spreading,
Along with love
The Bolsheviks and Canadians. Mexicans with little dogs.
I watched a dwarf devour a toe claiming dwarfs had been deposed.
Any little slight. Any big slight. But I could not be slighted
Because they treated me as God.
The ultimate sacrifice.

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