Friday, February 20, 2009

Feb.20, 2009 - The Changeling

I wanted to watch Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino but arrived too late for the evening show at the Scotia Theatre. Maybe if I'd had the Harley instead of the Honda Scooter I could have got through the Granville Street construction traffic. She wasn't impressed with the back lane bumps either. Alot of grunts and groans and rib grabbing as I careened around corners trying to get to the movie on time.

"Okay, I guess it's DVD and pizza." I said getting back on the scooter and waiting for her to mount so I could roar off into the night with 50 cc of power under my butt. "We could watch Mama Mia." she said in my ear. "Another night, not after I wanted to watch Clint." I shouted back to her. At Giga DVD , she showed me the new release, "Here's Changeling with Angelina Jolie and John Malkavich, " She said. Images of Star trek, Angelina Jolie in some vampire killing half naked costume and the mad Malkovich. "Sounds great," I said. Bento boxes from the Japanese store next to Giga DVD. Last lightning fast run home on the 50cc scooter. In the door past the attack cat.

Opening scenes. Incredible period piece. 1920 and 30's. Great old cars. Angelina Jolie looking beautiful as always but....."This isn't a science fiction movie, is it?" "No," she said. "But Clint Eastwood directed it." That made it alright, I guess.

Angelina Jolie can act but thise was Oscar performance. Malkovitch was terrific as always and not mad. In fact the movie was about getting the women out of the asylum. I thought the mental health laws here today were the most draconian in the western world but they were clearly worse then. The corruption was wholly believable. The blond nurse Amy Ryand could have stepped out of the worst night mare of any psychiatric inpatient. "A real sadist," she said. "Yea," they're still around. " I said.
No good doctors unfortunately. All believable bad ones, but not one good one. The dentist saves the day. Bad cops, for sure. The worst in fact, but a really endearing Michael Kelly good guy of a cop and great lawyers and judges. But the boys. What gut wrenching performances. I wanted Paul Simon's "Mother and Child Reunion," to be playing in the back ground. It was all so touching. So heart wrenching. So real. A mother's search for her lost son and the police cover up.

Axes, shot guns and hanging for sure. Non stop drama and all out emotion. Ron Howard was a producer true. A true story about Christine Collins starting in 1928 written by J. Michael Stracynski.

Given that the Changeling wasn't about the species from Star Trek, and I'd not got to see Gran Tarino and it looked like it was going to be a chick flick, the movie made a great comeback. It had me in tears at times and at others feeling simply glad to be alive. A fabulous movie, a horribly true story, best actors and director and just all round goodness. Mother's love. Thank you Angelina.

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