Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feb.24, 2009 - Oh God! Book II

Oh God, Book II (1980) with George Burns and Susanne Pleshette played on TV tonight. I heard a long day of misery and liked hearing God's explaination for suffering in this delightful uplifting movie. "I never could make things one sided." Without dark, no light, without sadness, there goes happiness, etc. Of course I liked God on a motorcycle. Louanne, the child, steals the show with her truthfullness and faith. God as a psychiatrist was something else as well. But they're still banning God in schools and alot of places Different from the school I grew up in. I thought banning things was out of hand back then and there but didn't figure the censors would infiltrate Canada and the US so deeply. Used to be what fascists and communists did. Maybe God will have to be banned before people protect their freedoms. Think God is a good start. Maybe Live God would be an even better sequel.

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