Saturday, February 14, 2009

The International

I told her because it was Valentine's we'd get dressed up and I'd take her to Frederico's Dinner and Dance Club on Commercial. Everyone says it's the best. Best food, best service, great little dance floor, fabulous music and very romantic. So of course everyone made their reservations for Valentine's way before I thought to phone on Thursday.

Now I've been wanting to see the International for months since the first trailers came out. Clive Owens starring. Director Tom Tykwer. Writer, Eric Singer. A dirty bank. Dirty bankers. More dirty bankers. Dirty government. Dirty police, dirty governments, mystery and intrigue. Scotia Theatre on Burrard serves Hot Dogs and Nachos. That's a dinner, isn't it?

So I picked her up on the ruckus scooter. At least I told her this time not to wear her little black dress. I was thoughtful. She had jeans and leather jacket and her helmut. I'd finally been paid so I bought the tickets. That's thoughtful too. And I sprung for the hot dogs and nachos.

The International was worth it. She even said, "I loved the intrigue. The scenery was magnificent. Milan, Instanbul, New York." Definitely panoramic and well worth seeing at the theatre. A really big movie with big action. Kind of Serpico and Bourne Identity mixed with National Geographic. It also had the kind of satisfying political education that Nicholas Cage's character in Lord of War exposed us to. Having a very personal relationship with the taxman I found the movie very cathartic.

It's easy to believe that 75% of adults today don't believe the lies their government tells them. What is hard to believe is that in the 50's 75% of Americans did believe. Of course, ignorance is bliss. So are we further ahead? There is some comfort watching characters like Clive Owens and Naomi Watts break from the orchestrated slavery the movie exposes. "They control your money. They control your government. They control your life. And everybody pays." is the succinct review of the International Movie Database.

Clive Owens acting is incredible and for my vote he should be picked for the next James Bond. Naomi Watts is real woman character for a change, wholly believable and yet extraordinary. The villains are the best since the Nuremberg documentaries. Kind of reminds you of the cast of corporate heros who continue to populate the modern news.

Not quite Valentine's Day material though. It did come as a surprise to me that I didn't have hot dog sauce on my shirt for a change when the lights came on. That was a plus. She said she liked the nacho hot sauce. I've never known what to believe from women on a date.

Despite all odds we survived driving home on the scooter through the police sirens, drunks and drug addicted drivers of Vancouver's Saturday night streets. If there was love in the air I missed it trying to avoid being smacked by chocolate frenzied female drivers .

My friend is excited about attending a 5 year old's birthday party tomorrow. The ballet, Carmen and the Goldberg Variations is next week. She says it's okay we went out and saw explosions and blood and guts on Valentines. It's the thought that counts, right?

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