Saturday, January 17, 2009

Harrison Hot Springs Resort

Alright it's decadent. There's a recession on. But I've been working extra hard. I' m aching all over and not sleeping well. A get away to a luxury hotel is simply out of the question. But Harrison's Hot Springs Resort. That's medicinal. It's a spa. It's rejuvenating. What can be wrong with that. The taxman would understand. Surely. He can't get any more money if I die on the job. However what used to be cannon fodder is now the new tax fodder. Especially in these stressful times. Still.
That's no excuse for the Copper Room. Admittedly after the two hour drive from Vancouver, getting quickly changed from jeans to evening attire, and almost running down to the Copper Room it's something we deserve. The Jones Boys live band are 'almost famous' and have been there for ever. The food is divine. Where else can I get cariboo without having to shoot it myself. A mystical meat indeed. Then there's the partners roast beef dinner. And since we're dancing, the ice cream and cheese cake desert are well within the calorie budget. The dancing is a delight. Mostly ballroom though there are still those who just do their own thing.

A couple celebrated their 60's wedding anniversay. The Jones Boys crooned happy birthday with teddy bears to a young lady who was not giving out her age. All of it so reminiscient of the more refined days of dinner clubs and getting dressed for an evening out. Nowhere were ripped t shirts or Nikes to be seen. The patrons were better dressed and better behaved than even the Vancouver Opera society. Just beautiful people looking glamourous and acting very fine in the loveliest of environments.

And what can be better after dancing the night away with a beautiful partner than to get in bathing suits and head out for a late night hot spring sojourn.

A n older friend said the mafia used the cabins here in the 30's. There's bits of history all over the resort. All manner of dignitaries have been here. I've attended several conferences over the years ..But most of all I enjoyed bringing Mom and Dad and the dog out here renting a cabin in the summer and enjoying the hot springs and walks along Harrison Lake. As Winnipeg elders they were immensely pleased with my choice of entertainment.

After 11 the outdoor pools are closed, probably for fear that guests will wander drunken into the woods and be mauled by cougar. Indoors the after effects of festive evenings can be better contained. We found a subdued crowd though. Romance was in the air. My partner was a happy tropical mermaid.

Morning the sun was out. Mocca coffee in the outside pool ,steam rising, with nothing more to do than watch an eagle circle the emerald mountain before us. It's a small price to pay for remembering what it's all for. Medicinal indeed. Now if only I can get the new government funded naturopathic doctors to write me a note for my insurance company life would be truly sweet.
Harrison's Hot Springs Resort. Kind of family oriented. Comfortable and yet lavish with an old world refinement. I've been coming here yearly for decades. To take the waters, as they used to say. Though the last time I came on my Harley and my butt appreciated the hot springs more than me. And yes I feel revived now. Another week of work in the busy city seems possible after this rejuvenating sojourn.
Thank you Harrison's Hot Springs. It makes no sense that the government puts money into Whistler when they have nothing to compare with this peace and elegance. If they really need 2010 Olympic competition event then I'm sure the Resort could with timers find the winner of the slowest walk back to the room after dissolving in the hot springs. Shouldn't there be such events for aging baby boomers? After this heavy week end work out I think I'll be up for that competition. Nascar look out.

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Randy said...

That story made me want to go to Harrison, you made it sound so wonderful. You should write up a couple of small ads for them, maybe the weekend will be free.