Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Daniel Kalla

I love Daniel Kalla's writing. It's just so good to find an author you enjoy and have him write book after book that entertains. Pandemic was a rush of a read. I was absolutely spell bound by Resistance. Rage Therapy got only better. Now I'm half way through Cold Plague and can't put it down. These are real medical thrillers and the medicine is terrific. The characters are people I've met in hospitals, waiting rooms and board rooms. Some are my neighbours. Everything is so real. And the plots as ominous as they are really do uncover the source of the disease. One can't help but compare him to Michael Creighton but there's just as much Bill Gibson in the spin. The characters are deeper and richer than those of most thrillers and everything builds and relates. So that's what I'm doing tonight. After a bone weary day in clinic. Reading Kalla. A doctor's doctor book.

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