Thursday, January 22, 2009


You are a friend. Your smile arises spontaneously at my presence and likewise I'm as instantaneously warmed by the recognition of you. It's a doggy waggy body thing that is childish for mature adults to have so contained in their conservative reality. I could tear off my hat and fling it high or roll on the ground knowing that special freedom of your presence. You don't judge me. You tell me I've got ketchup on my shirt but in an amusing informative way. Like an uncle or an aunt, brother or sister, a close cousin but a chosen adopted family person. I have known you for so very long. This isn't just a superficial thing. It savoured deep. It's a sustaining living growing special achievement of relationship. And I admire you. Namaste. The god in me salutes the god in you. While there's this crazy kid thing that's shy and silly there's also this nearly religious place of awareness in presence. Together we seem to be more than our individual parts. You bring out the best in me and I hope, I in you. You don't encourage me to be less than I can be but rather want me to be who I am which is often more than I alone can see. We celebrate each other. I feel lucky just knowing you. Life is fuller with you. And while we've seen each other alot there are spaces that seem to disappear in seconds once we meet again. I am grateful for the comfort you bring. I'm honoured to stand beside you and feel safer when you are standing beside me. I'm touched and there's this special quality of relating that's intimate and yet expansive. So many dimensions are now implicit in any explicit moment of sharing. I feel you know me as I want to be known. You forgive me as I would forgive myself. And I forgive you not that you need forgiving but you know what I mean. We cut each other slack and laugh. Mostly we laugh. The colours of my existence are brighter knowing you. The sun is warmer and the skys reach further. It's for friendship that I live and knowing you I want to live longer. Alone I'm not so sure. Alone I'm somewhat anxious. But with you I can joke about that. We've seen each other's tears and know each others strength. I'm glad to be with you in celebration and want to be with you in challenge. I've got your back and think in your own strange way you've got mine. I trust you and I don't trust easily and I don't trust many. You're one of a special select few. It's probably not a priviledged position either. I know I could call you from prison and you know I'd call you from heaven if I made it and they let me have a call. I seem to like so much that you like and you seem to like what I like . We also like people together. And it seems that it could be no other way. I don't know how this ever happened because I wouldn't have guessed it knowing you but over time it's becomes this thing that's indivisible. I'm very thankful for it even if it somewhat surprises me. It's so rare and yet here it is at the kitchen table or in the back yard so to speak. Thank you for being my friend. And I thank God that I have a friend like you. There are too few of you but my life would be infinitely richer if there were only one.

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