Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jan. 4, 2009 - Sunday

I like this picture of a duck. I took it in Stanley Park. There's a pond called Lost Lagoon at the city's edge of that park. When I lived on my sailboat in Coal Harbour I walked my dog round Lost Lagoon all winter taking along a camera and snapping shots of the ducks, geese and swan. I liked owning a dog because he took me for walks. In addition he ate all my left overs. Together that accounted for the slimmer waistline.
My cat's idea of a walk with a leash is being dragged. We agreed a long time ago to not subject each other to this embarrassment. Besides she's houdini with collars and harnesses. Given her preferred attire you'd think she grew up on Wreck Beach with hippie cat parents. Truth is I bought her from a reputable Vancouver Broadway pet store. Right now she has smelt the Safeway barbecued chicken I bought on the way home from Christ Church Cathedral. Rupert Lang and the choir put out another CD that sold out first day. My cat sings but it's not what one would call 'choral' music."
Now ,the cat is trying very hard to say "chicken" but it's coming out like 'meow".
I'd better get down to sharing the chicken with her. I just wanted to share this duck, too. The cat's carnivorous and not into into the esthetics of birding. She's also a liar. She tells me routinely she just wants to go out on the deck and 'talk' to the pigeons. The pigeons have her number and don't want to 'talk' with her.
Sometimes talk isn't the answer. The United States should give up the Grand Canyon to some places in the world that really need it. It's been a long time since New England even considered invading California. California long ago forgot that anything existed outside it's borders. So let the middle east or some other underpriviledged place have the Grand Canyon. I'm sharing my duck. The cat's getting chicken. Enough talk, already!

An honest politician is one who when he's bought stays bought. Simon Cameron 1799-1889

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