Sunday, January 25, 2009

Vancouver Motorcycle Show

The Vancouver Motorcycle Show is an annual event that takes place at the Tradex in Abbotsford. Last year I drove the truck and it snowed. This year I drove the 63 kilometers on my 1200 Harley Roadster. The temperature was negative 2 degrees and the wind was 17 mph. Despite long johns and leathers the windchill at 110 km on the freeway was righteous. By the time my partner and I arrived at the show we were more interested in warmth and coffee than the incredible selections of 2009 motorcycles. Harley's Ultra Classic was my favourite but my friend found Yamaha had produced several Star series bikes perfect for her short lets. Alot more women are getting in to motorcycling and it was clear from the Bitchin Gear, pink leathers and helmuts that retailers were taking notice. The Buell's certainly are sexier than ever. Honda's Goldwing is threatening to drive itself with all the accessories even an airbag. I fell in love with the Yamaha offroad TW200 enduro. It's the one place you can sit on a lot of bikes and feel what's right. For looks Azkikar choppers are outrageous. Always the campers, the trikes and side cars are there to engorge the wishlists. We had a terrific time before heading back in the dying sun to beat the icy streets, thankful for the warmth of home after a bit of extreme motorcycling.

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