Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sunday Afternoon in the Sun

Kaloo Kalay, he chortled in his joy!

The sun is glorious.  I almost feel like I’m in Winnipeg in July. This can’t be Vancouver.  Vancouver is rain and grey. But the sun has come back.  Whatever sacrifices it took to bring this return, I thank you. First it was the colourful array of blossoms and buds promises this time. But now it’s full on. I’m sorry for the floods in the interior but here in Burnaby it’s simply grand.  
I look on FB and actually see that friends are down at Kits Beach. I loved going there when I lived in Kits and later when I lived in the West End it was great to visit the beaches of Stanley Park. But now I’m in my back yard. Lawn chairs. Gilbert. Laura.  A good book. We’ve just run errands for dog and cat food and litter. We’ve salads and chicken from Safeway.  
Life is good. The rich and poor can enjoy the sun and outdoors. Montaigne believe happiness was a picnic with friends.  
Thank you God for this day. Constantine was a sun worshiper, a pagan in Christian clothes. On a day such as this so perfect with sun and clear blue sky, lovely scents of spring in the air, I understand his Sun Worship.  God didn’t come to earth as an Inuit. Jesus was born in Israel. Location  location, location as realtors might say.  The Good News would have taken longer to spread but presence of the sun was not unimportant.  
Today the Carbon Tax laws punish us northern half the year. You can survive in LA without air conditioning but not in 40 degree below Canadian winters. I’m using little propane now to heat my place which takes electricity as well. The heating costs have plummeted these last two weeks.  
I’m excited too at the thought of camping. If some land remains dry we will thrive. I look forward to bicycling about the back woods. I’ve changed the winter tires to the all the year.  Chores upon chores.
It’s been wonderful to be at such a fine play as Tolkien by Ron Reed and the great Ballet BC last night with Emily Molnar.  I’ve full with culture now and ready for return to the wilderness.  
Thank you God for the contrasts and the hues and the breaks from routine. Thank you for the wonder of Canada wilderness, the possibilities and opportunities. Thank you for spring and summer.
Now I’ve been upright too long and must recline with sun screen on . Ahhhhhhhhh.

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