Tuesday, May 1, 2018

BC Ferries Tsawwassen to Victoria

It’s been a year since I’ve been on Georgia Strait.  I miss the SV GIRI, up on land, waiting for our next adventure.  I’ve been enjoying land. Motorcycling, Now the sea reminds me. Dancing about on deck in rolling seas and stiff winds.  Heeled over.  A rush of memories.  My first thought was the people I encountered on deck.  Loading my white F350 truck was no problem. But standing in line for White Spot the faces had that eerie ferry light that reminds one of the Walmart experience. This is definitely more middle class. But here and there a left over hippy steeped in marijuana looks like they never left 1970.  A collection of Sikh’s, long beards, turbans, armed to the teeth.  A warrior class.  Good guys in my books.  I just miss my ceremonial Glock. Or cutlass. I’m a ships captain and navigator and do actually have a cutlass. I carry a Leatherman too but only for the pliars.  In London they’ve outlawed blades more than 3 “ as there are more violence there with knives than in New York with guns. Guns are restricted in England.
The rain is falling on the sea. We’ve passed through Active Pass. I’ve remembered catching salmon at the south end.  It’s rather quiet today.  Not like the days I traversed it at high speed careening forward with the flood, knowing a false move could cause all manner of grief.
It’s the depth.  I’m here on this ferry with so much sky and sea above and below. All around there are islands in the distance.  I love the perspective.  It was frightening at first when I did this alone at night navigating by the lights.  I’m awash with memories.
Crossing water is an electrically charged event.  Being on water the stress there’s depolarization of some kind that lifts one out of the malaise of mundane.  My mind is at peace at sea.  I’m looking forward to seeing Philip again.  Glad for the invitation.
I’m still getting over my abscess molar, the sleepless nights, the pain, the pus filled jaw.  I’m still taking antibiotics.Steadily improving. The good cheer of friendship  will complete the healing.  Hope Alive is such an uplifting enlightening experience.

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