Friday, April 27, 2018

Hostiles , the movie

Scott Cooper has written and directed an extraordinary movie.  Christian Bale and Rosemund Pike were incredible. I loved Adam Beach. The Apache and Comanche and the ‘blue coats’.  Realism with outlaw fur hunters and isolationist ranchers.  Lots of gun fights and character. .  Realism and more realism.  The tough and hard days of old.  Monanta the finest set.  This is far more than a western.  Shakespearean.  Thank you!

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Jonh Henry said...

watch32 - Post civil war frontier America and Christian Bale aka Captain Joseph Blockeris is ordered by the Army to escort a Cheyenne Chief, who has been granted safe passage back to his homeland in Montana, by the President of the United States, due to his terminal illness. Along the way the party encounter wild and dangerous Comanche "Indians". The movie is intense and I surmise Bale will be nominated for an Academy Award for this turn. Wes Studi, as always, as the ailing Chief, is marvelous, understated and ever so powerful. Rosamund Pike is superb as a deranged widow who is collected up by Bale's party. Her presence in the story seems like a distraction from the original mission or orders, but it's a movie and we have to have some man/woman tension and whatever then derives from that, of course. The movie sometimes slows down a bit, and lingers, but it always recovers, and overall - see this movie. And the music score is perfect.

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