Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday Morning, Amotivated

Spring Forward.  I lost an hour.  No doubt the dog or cat took it. They are definitely the usual suspects. Came in last week and all the pillows and rugs were off the couch and all the books and such were off the table.  The dog and cat look innocent.  They definitely stole the hour.

Laura and I watched Murder on the Orient Express.  Loved it. Loved the great actors and actresses.  Kenneth Branagh was perfect as Hercule Poirot and I so loved Michelle Pfeiffer as Mrs. Hubbard. Penelope Cruz and Johnny Depp were incredible. Willed Dafoe, I didn’t see his disguise. Judi Dench was all the princess, truly regal.  The plot was Agatha Christie but the filmatography was the best. I loved the lighting and the train.  After that I loved John Travolta in From Paris with Love, a fabulous shoot em up 007 anti terrorist thriller with humor.  Late night.  

I woke late too. No church. Hadn’t planned on church this morning. Wanted more of the sun.  Sitting outside at the picnic table. Walking the dog.  Tic season and he’s to be groomed next week. Sticking to cement.  Next week we’ll be out in the woods. 

Harley Davidson coming back. I keep lusting after a Honda African Twin, 1000 cc “Adventure Bike”.  I don’t need two bikes, (but I want them. Meditating today God didn’t free from moksha. I had a cat and a dog lie on either side of me. Breath is special. We take it for granted.  I find long stretches of time have gone by and I’m not cherished my breathing.  

I made coffee and bacon sandwiches for Laura this morning.  We’re spoiled. 

I shaved. Laura has showered. I’m planning on that.  The big event of today. I’ve got smokies to barbecue and Cobbs hot dog buns.  We were at the mall yesterday. Laura renewed her driving license and I got some summer closed toe sandals.  Aging footwear is not longer anything off the rack. The orthotic folk would like these.  It really is spring with summer panting behind when I can get out of clogs into sandals.  I wasn’t meant for winter clothes. Sailing shorts, tshirts and sandals is what I was born for.  I wear jackets and vests in winter for the pockets.  I saw a police man with the weight around his waist and thought he’s going to regret that when he’s fifty.  The older girls like their ‘comfortable shoes’.  Milenia is a trooper. 

  • I’m often overwhelmed by the ‘free choice’.  I could go to the beach in Vancouver. I haven’t scuba dove in 2 years. It’s been too long. There’s a horse riding place near by and that’s been too long.  It’s been three or four years since I was riding in the mountains or in the desert with friends. Time flies. There’s the ATV and I could be in the woods in an hour or two. I never made it to Whistler for skiing. It’s been several years now since I was down hill or ever cross country skiing.  It’s as long since I was snow shoeing and even longer since I was on a snowmobile. Yet each of these things I did intensively weekly for 10 or more years at a time. I gained proficiency and then wondered off to something else. Now I always love returning but never seem to have the ‘time.” I’ve not been dancing in years. Other than working and meeting the infinite demands of the increasingly bullying and terrifying government hacks and wannabes I fear my life is ebbing away reduced to a number in a beurocratic office. I then think more clearly and realize with gratitude I’m living but have given far too much to the ungrateful company store who sucks the soul out of people and claims they ‘volunteered’.  I came to serve people not fascist communist corporate sociopaths. 

I’ve not been sailing.  I was biking. Bear hunting season opens soon. The cure for cancers still awaits someone. The great Canadian novel has yet to be written though Robert Davies and Margaret Lawrence came close. The great exposee of the criminal corruption of Government has yet to be done showing the influence of Mafia, Biker Gangs, Drugs, Pedophilia, Saudi Arabia and the Communists are all involved has yet to be written, a kind of Canadian Dream to match Tom Cruises American Dream. The difference would be that we’d given our water to Nestle for free and were trading bear gall bladders and marijuana for politicians on prime time with American comedians. 

 There’s just so much to be done and I’m doing nothing here but bitching , complaining, whining, and  procrastinating  Elon Musk is working on a space ship but what’s am I doing today to get myself to Mars. I’m really lazy. I’ve been reading Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules of Lifea and a generic espionage novel with some good insights but overall a bit low brow.  I do like how these characters in novels solve their interpersonal problems with bombs and poisons and seem to get away with it. Somehow the ‘ends’ justifies the means’ . Not in my world. That’s the fantasy. I need an alien ray gun and hearing of radioactive hits in London wonder where I could get some of that ‘good stuff’.  

 I ‘m been fantasizing sailing the Atlantic and instead moving along towards the northern canada RV trip or southern US RV trip.  I like land RV and hanging out as much as sailing expeditions.  It’s the easiness of it.  I love the woods and wilderness too. I do long to be before the mast or anchoring in a distant bay. I could be fishing. But with only a day to do things I’m not likely to get a spacecraft out of the galaxy and back before I have to go to work tomorrow.  I think of retirement as a time for longer projects.  I miss wood work. I haven’t played my guitar and sung the old songs and those uplifting Christian songs I love.  It’s been a while.I could do that. I’d love to find , Be Thou My Vision and belt that out for the song birds about here.  That’s an achievable project.  I probably should stop this pathetic whining journalling or blogging and do something godly like bathe. Laura’s smelling better. I could follow her lead.  The shower is free. The dog certainly isn’t going to compete with me for that. After a shower I might get a spaceship to tour the galaxy just so long as I get back for work in the morning. 

Some one really should find where that hour went.  It’s probably with the missing socks.  

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