Saturday, January 13, 2018

Shit Country as translated by Justin Trudeau

As the master of ‘bafflegab’, ‘legalese’, ‘beurocratese’, Justen Trudeau, known the world over for his dramatic selfies and unctuous flare for double speak, avoiding direct questions, blaming others but mostly his endless platitudes, was recently asked , what he understood Donald Trump, ‘master of plain speak’ meant when he called a country a ‘shit Country’.;
“That would be a country that was financially challenged, poorly administered, with massive corruption, lacking respect for diversity, dominated by cronyism, lacking law and order, abusing theLGBT community, abusing women and children, with high rates of crime, and general disrespect for law and order.”
Everyone understands “Plain Speak”.  Everyone understands President Trump.  Even Justin Trudeau knows what he means , but that’s the problem.
Justin Trudeau and the other globalist elites want to speak in a language which excludes the majority of people.  They want the focus the attention on the  ‘fashion’ , not the “ substance “of conversation.  It’s called ‘court speak’.  It’s the ‘fashion language of the day’. It’s so old it was referred to by Shakespeare was referred to by King Lear. It’s not new, this politically correct ‘court speech’.
“And hear poor rogues talk of court news, and we’ll talk with them too — who loses and who wins, who’s in, who’s out.”
 It’s a rapidly transforming language that only those in the know know.
It’s the language that can get a paper published in the university.
The word ‘sustainability’ was necessary for funding. It didn’t matter what was ‘sustainable’ but if the application for the grant used the ‘code word’ sustainable it got to the right ears and was automatically got funding. The same was true for ‘diversity’.  These terms are called ‘virtue signalling’.
They are the true substance of Justin Trudeau’s speech and reflect the ‘brain washing’ that has been done by CBC, tv and various other communication venues.  They are the essence of brain washing.
 I first learned to use these when I trained in hypnosis and did surgery on people after hypnotizing them. They were called ‘post hypnotic’ suggestions.
Justin Trudeau lulls his listeners by pouring out this verbal Valium whenever there’s a tough moment.
It works.  Especially on young people. And even better on people smoking marijuana.
The trouble with Plain Speak is it’s jarring.  Shit is real. Shit is not easily both black and white at the same time.
Plain speak is what I as a doctor was taught to do because its best for a patient to know exactly what is wrong with them so that they have the greatest chance of addressing the problem and surviving.  If I tell you you have cancer then you can wake up and address the problem with the seriousness it deserves. Whenas if I say you just have a little ‘lump’ it’s easy for you to be lulled into denial.
 When a person knows the truth they can deal with it and can cure the problem. When it’s sugar coated they can continue to lie to themselves or be lied to.
All the studies in medicine have confirmed that ‘plain speak’ is in the best interest of the patient whereas ‘double speak’ serves administration.
I hope this helps people understand a bit better the ‘shit’ that is going on. I’ve personally  been advised that it’s better that I say ‘merde’ if I want to get funding in Canada today.  Doctors in general are being told that they must no longer say ‘shit’ but rather use the word ‘faeces’. Henceforth doctors, if they want to continue to keep their licenses to practice medicine in Canada under present administrations, would be advised to say that the Canadian Health Care System is going to faeces under Justin Trudeau.
My favourite study of this phenomena was done by separating elementary school classes formerly named by merit, A, B, and C classes  into turtles, dogs and penguins.  At the end of the year the young  students all said they didn’t want to be penguins because penguins were slow and stupid.
But that’s okay.
In Canada as Justin Trudeau destroys freedom of speech and democracy , we can still say ‘merde’ and  even ‘faeces’. No shit.

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they are shit hole countries
because their leaders are shit heads