Friday, September 22, 2017

Gratitude and Mental Transmission Repair

Please God help me to look at the good in the world today. Help me to be thankful for the sunshine and blue sky, the clean air, that my breakfast was fresh food and healthy, that I have a shower and indoor plumbing, clean clothes, a good sleep in safety and quiet. Thank you for my dog, Gilbert, who woke me with his little body cuddling and squirming beside me, then his face licking good morning. Thank you for his sight. Thank you for my brother and father and mother, grand parents, aunt and aunts and uncles and cousins and nephews and nieces and all the extended family some of who yet remain in this world and give me the joy that those who have passed did. Thank you for my special friends. Thank you for my acquaintenances. Thank you for the government workers who manage the roads and communications. Thank you for the churches and school and hospitals. Thank you for America which protects Canada and the free world from dictatorships and communism.  Celebrate our strengths and assets as people, our belief in freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech. Helps us to protect these central tenets of democracy and society and civilization that has never been greater, feeding and clothing and keeping safe more people and more percentage of people than the world has ever known. Thank you for rocket ships and Star Trek and Star Wars and western novels and television. Thank you for NCIS, Friends and Seinfeld and Big Bang and Turner Classic Movies.  Thank you for the Bible and Jesus and the stories of the prophets and ministers and radio evangelism. I love listening to the uplifting inspiring discussions of the holy bible so much better than some of the alternative radio that can really sour my day with the deceit and propaganda. But there God catch me and protect me when my eyes stray from the roses along the right side of the path to all the manure on the left.  Help me to appreciate that the manure on the left gives food for the right. Guide me in discernment. Help me help others. Help me inspire my patients. Help me help them to stop their addictions and enter a life of recovery as opposed to the slavery they now live in. Lets talk less of ancient history slavery and more of the slavery of lust, gluttony, speed, heroin and nicotine and alcohol and the increasing cannibis epidemic and rising road deaths.  Help me Lord to have hope. Help our leadership so deluded in Canada rise about it's selfie and serve the people. Help me focus on the geography and history and anthropology and sciences of Canada and not be distracted so much by the borderline psychotic screaming of the mental asylum called Ottawa and Quebec.  Help me Lord keep above the ever present drag of hopelessness with world affairs. Help me be reminded that Canadians and Americans and British French and Poles and Russians joined together with Australians and others to overthrow the tyranny of Germany under Hitler and now that another tyrant of Eastern Germany Merkel has risen with again that Bismarkian world dominance delusional of grandiosity and cocaine , help me believe that this too shall pass as Pierre Trudeau left us the same as Justin Trudeau will leave us only please God make it sooner and see Lord how easily I fall. Let me have more faith and strength in my convictions to see the positives today. Help me look at the flowers and the babies and the new buildings rising and the new innovations in technology and trust that the righteous are overcoming the criminals that seem so prevalent but really are a minority in public office and the city of Vancouver. Thank you for the parks and the clean streets and the garbage collection and the recycling bins and all the gas stations and hydro and electricity and power plants and the airport and the satellites and the rocket launches and the submarines and great ships on the water. Thank you for the industry and the magnificence that Chicago once was and the beauty today of Coal Harbour Vancouver and the great bridges and the men who work in the shadows keeping these bridges safe. Thank you for the steelworkers and dock workers and the unions and guilds and the doctors and nurses and health care technicians and the rare not creepy administrator who is not in her or his  position through sexual favour or family or ethnic group alliance but actually has some competence and meritocracy. Help them today for they must feel so alone in that swamp of deceit and greed. Help the good leaders in the Canadian healthcare who aren't Nazi Communist bastards and whores but are actually trying to serve the people and help doctors and nurses and patients survive the nonsense that so often comes down the pike as tankers of shit. Please God see, how my mind slips gear. Fix my mental transmission and help me to stop slipping into reverse but to move forward despite the storms and the millions of pounds of burdens in taxes and lies and moving the finish line that this government does to burden those of us unlike them that actually work.  Please Lord let me rise about this and see the joy and pleasure in a flying bird and cloud shape like a puppy. Help me to smell the roses. Help me Lord to focus not on pain but on whatever is possible and good. Help me change my perspective and gain more patience and forgiveness and to know grace as your grace is so bountiful.  Thank you Lord. You know I need your help. Please strengthen me today and help me to do thy will not my will. Thank you Lord.

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