Tuesday, September 20, 2016

It's Strange and Gratitude

I have just recited St. Patrick’s Breastplate.  I like St. Paul’s put on the armour of Christ.  I feel safer when I pray these prayers as the sickness in my family distracts me and makes me vulnerable. I feel like the rats come out to attack whenever I am not perfect. One can never be perfect in that sense but the expectation and demand is there.  I pray to God to protect me.  I love the psalms because they are so often the prayers of David on the battlefield surrounded by his enemies.  The more good one does or tries to do the more one is attacked. I take comfort in knowing that the Lord was crucified and so many of his followers. I know that Christians are persecuted more than any others.
My Hindu friends find so often it’s their own people that are attacking them from within.  This is the experience of Christians as well.  The jews were so often plagued by betrayals.  The Taoists developed martial arts to defend as much against their own as against others.  The Hebrews building the wall of the temple found they had to split their company in two with one holding swords while the others picked up axes and shovels.  Whenever a person picks up a pen there is someone who is picking up a dagger to assault them.  Islam is at war again, invading while the Saudis finally admit they back the extremists.  Corruption is so far reaching that the Clinton Foundation sounds like something out of the House of Thrones.  Justin Trudeau’s backers have millions invested in street drugs and drug pushing.  Politics makes strange bedfellows.  Trump has the strangest hair do.
The communist have succeeded only by promoting perpetual war, the essence of Marx, with Sharia Communism, two philosophies of perpetual war until all are conquered coming together today in the strangest of sexual congresses.  Extremists fight in the street.  Feminists ironically support the backers of ISIS who call for sex slavery of women.  Reminds me of the Donovan song, “Must be the season of the witch, beatniks are out to make it rich…and its strange, so strange."
I’m praying to God to protect me. I work with very angry frightened sick people.  Many are just sad. So many are beaten. But some are sociopaths and psychopaths.  Even sadder.  I remember the oaths I’ve taken as a doctor and feel a dinosaur.  The government calls my patients ‘customers’. That seems worse than ‘clients’ as neither reflect the covenanted relationship. There is no spirituality.  I was told by senior government doctor that they’re the ‘enemy’.  Even now I know a person who would ‘kill the messenger’. I tell people they can work and they hate me.  I remember the pedophiles that hated me when I had them locked up. It’s all matters of degree but no longer are the police or doctors protected by the selfie taking Trudeau who has his personal body guard of armed men and trust funds and multimillion dollars given by tax payers.  The new politicians of the left live in dachas and palaces. I fear frightened living in Communist Canada.
Every communist country killed millions and stole the wealth of their neighbours.  They took over beautiful churches and made them into halls like the churches that I saw made into mosques in Constantinople.  All that beautiful painting painted over. Thank God for Ataturk restoring these works of art as museums.  Now ISIS Muslims destroy the architecture of the ages like the censorship pornographers who destroy books. I week thinking of the loss of Alexandria.  Ancient losses while today we are struggling to archive so much for posterity.  I like the ‘cloud’ but the bonfire of vanities remains.  Everything is fleeting.
I’m aging.
The young are savaging the old.  Experience, once so valued is no longer. Old white men are the worlds bain say the mouthpieces of the old red, brown, black and yellow women who never forgive send their children to war as white women sent theirs, all of us living under queens, the conniving genius behind the ‘strong man’.  Alexander would be nothing without his mother.  The feminist lie of the weak little woman, a chivalry icon of the pregnant.  Now in abortion culture the fascist feminists tie these girls to the railway tracks and deny them weapons and self defence ,promising them protection for exorbitant prices.  In Japan more and more remain virgins, men and women.  it’s a weird world.  With education women have only three children regardless of religion or race or culture.
Protect me God from the insanity of politics, the convoluted illogic and emotionalism of todays twisted comic book media.  Protect me from all the strange and weird and frightening alienation of the drug addicted intellectualism and the power hungry gluttony of greed.
Thank you Lord for the light and this earth. Thank you for family. Help them to be well. Protect and care for them now. Be with friends and comfort and protect them this day. Help me dogs and the dogs and cats and other pets, even the snakes, and especially my fish Lord.  Keep them safe and healthy,
Thank you for your dreams and my dreams. Thank you for the 10 fingers and 10 toes. Thank you for digestion and indoor plumbing. Thank you for running water and heat and waste disposition. Thank you for my vehicles. Thank you for Love. Thank you for family and friends. Thank you for work. Help me be a better physician and more caring thoughtful psychiatrist. Help me in every way to help others as you help all.  Guide me in my daily endeavours to serve and work.  Thank you for the teachers and books and the research and internet and the iPhone and Epocrates and Merck and 5 minute consults and PuBMed and my offices and colleagues. Thank you for the institutions that serve to bring care and kindness to all in need. Thank you for communication and distribution centres and trucks and trains and supermarkets and street markets and the Bay and the banks and all those who are working today.  Help the disabled. Help those who can work work. Thank you for work and for vacation and leisure. Thank you for boats and motorcycles and 4 x 4’s Thank you for Gilbert. Thank you for this place I call my home. Thank you for the hot tub and it’s healing my back and thank you for the swimming pool and walks in the woods. Thank you for airplanes. Thank you for the ocean. Thank you for the Garden, the birds and animals and all the plants and flowers and trees. Thank you for the green of Burnaby and the bustle of the city.  Thank you for this day Lord. Thank you for all your blessings. Thank you for Grace.  Thank you for life. Thank you for consciousness. Thank you for senses.  Thank you for perception.  Thank you for life.
Thank you Lord.

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