Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sharia Feminism Nightmare

I awoke from a bad dream in which I, a man, was kept in a box, like a container. I didn’t know if I was in a warehouse on a ship or on a truck or a train.  The box was moved around from time to time. Other men were around me in similar boxes.
Women were in boxes too. But some said that was a myth.
Everyone lived in boxes like railway cars or the containers placed in ships.  The boxes were bare inside.  The government put food in the boxes through some chute that opened five times a day after prayer time.  The food was a wafer or a soup. Everyone was separate.  There was a warm and cold beverage.  The food was bland and institutional.
Sometimes the men were herded together and sometimes the women were herded together. These were indoctrination times.  Men and women never mixed.
There were no homes.  Families had long ago been outlawed. Frederick Engels explained why.  Marriages was outlawed too.  Everything was according to Agenda 21 and 2030 Sustainability.  Everything was sustainable.
 Women who had children were called breeders.  Advances were made in vitro production and children increasingly were produced in  vats somewhere. Once their children were born they were taken away and indoctrinated by the government with special psychologists for careful developmental controls and rigorous programming
Young men had a suction device in the wall of their containers that extracted their sperm much like a cow milking machine.  Men and women never had sex.  Sex was outlawed except between the same sexes though this was discouraged as unsanitary.
There was no nudity together.  There was no pornography. All sex was portrayed as pornography.  All pornography was banned. There were neurosurgical procedures and drugs which discouraged passion.
Each man and each woman in their container worked alone 16 hours a day.  There was an exercise device that produced energy to maintain the heating and light in the individual container.  90 % of the energy each individual produced was siphoned off for the Government but the individual had 10% left over to manage their container needs.   Sustainability was everything.
Much of the time the containers were stored underground.  
The propaganda controlled media outlet was fixed with a standard 1984 Clockwork Orange feed celebrating the Borg Collective and quoting a weird mix of medieval warrior male myth and Gloria Steinem communist rhetoric.  Everyone had one uniform. Lennon’s song Imagine played over and over again on a loop  but with German Marching Band music accompaniment
 Hell Hitler was a greeting in Stalin era Russian.  No one spoke English.  Parisian french was the only language allowed and language police monitored all communication channels to ensure proper inflections.
 Everyone took drugs like ‘mother’s little helper’.
There was a vacuous apathetic almost Canadian cultural aloof criticism that masqueraded as sensitivity. There was a lot of posing and selfie photographing alone in containers. Most people had blogs no one read.   No one participated in anything but everyone was an authority on everything. Google was properly sanitized and controlled with a Snokes government manipulated ‘truth checker’ and ‘truth’ was a relative term created by government committee.  The United Nations flag was plastered everywhere with a Swastika with Hammer and Sickle.
There was a general obsession with anal discharge and bodily fluids.  Special Skype like sessions were available to discuss these concerns with counsellors.
These were what peasants had.
The elite kept their women in bikinis and lingerie attached containers. The women of the elite had their genitalia surgically altered to remove their clitoris. They were expected to pleasure the men who had guns and did drugs and gambled in a game called Wall Street. The elite were all men and had beards.  These elite were families. The men liked to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes.  They were obsessed with their penises and had keys to all the women’s containers and liked to surprise the feminists and nuns with their midnight meetings, often coming together as gangs of men wearing leathers with dozens of men have sex with the girls when they are virgins. These men prayed together and met in committees to talk about Marx and paganism.
When the peasant men and women got older and couldn’t maintain sustainability they were killed off by specially trained physical assisted suicide psychiatrists who carried syringes and played Barry Manilow and Mila Cyress music while they offed people in the Halal Kosher Vegan way with least endocrine upset.  The bodies were then taken to the Solyent Green centre where they were ground up and buried to feed to the pigs who became the bacon for the elite.
The favourite elite joke was ‘we don’t eat bacon, oink oink oink’.
Everyone was an atheist.  The only gods one could worship with impunity were Allah, Marx and Heroin.  But everyone was alone and everyone was censored.  Everyone was concerned for others. They were encouraged to report any deviance they might perceive in anyone else.  There was a special phone for people to phone the government and report their concerns about others and feel good about caring and get a special chocolate biscuit with their marijuana wafer if there was any substance to their suspicions and gossip.  The petty received plagues for citizenship.  Alone in containers mostly required an outlet for the paranoid to share and these government lines stopped a lot of premature suicide as it made people feel they were doing the right thing exposing their neighbours based the sounds they imagined they heard through the sound proof container walls.  The women reportedly claimed that men were coming into the containers as groups and raping them. This was happening to the younger women and men but no one did this to the women or men over twenty but  it was the older men and women who claimed that this was happening. Special cameras showed them talking to themselves in their containers alone waiting to be made into bacon.
The elite wanted the containers all closed without exits or entrances because some of the elite complained of the smell that lingered after the propaganda sessions.  Most new containers were stored underground so the earth called Gaia could be saved from the human infestation.  Only the elite walked in the wilderness. Great inverted clear bowls covered endless gardens where the elite played with climate control and only they could walk on the surface of the earth because Gaia was sensitive to the footsteps of the impure.
The elite used heavy fragrances and smoked Cuban cigars.
There was no cancer.  The elite collected body parts from the genetically coded containers stored and traded underground.  It was not uncommon for men to wake up castrated without a kidney and a lung gone as well.  There was never any lessening of their energy requirements for their work day.  A lot of containers were dark and without heat.  Before the end there was sometimes very little food and finally only a thin soup.  It was a workers paradise.
Only the elite had guns. They had their own guns but also they had armies and body guards with guns and nuclear missiles which each family kept at a mutually disagreeable number.
The women called themselves feminists. Egalitarianism was outlawed.
Paul Simon’s song, I am a Rock I am an Island was a favourite of the men alone in containers. They played along with bagpipes, drums and harpsichord harmoniums.
Then I awoke wet with sweat thinking of Isaiah and Jeremiah the Bullfrog.


R.L. said...

"No, we're never gonna survive
Unless - we are a little crazy."

And I thought my dreams were! But You have now topped the chart, Dr. Bill.
BTW, what are your thoughts on Ho'oponopono and the Hawaiian Doc behind a lot of the buzz.

From Your friend who reads blogs -

haykind said...

I've not had any dreams about it yet but I'll post when I do. Whenever I think of Hawaii I think of sailing my boat among the islands and swimming in the marvellous sea there. Can't imagine any nightmares there! Hope you're doing well at the Lighthouse!