Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Gratitude Sept. 7, 2016

Thank you Lord for this day. Thank you for the dreams of dad, the night’s sleep. Thank you for my companion Gilbert.  Thank you for the green of Burnaby.  Thank you for our walk this morning, the fresh air and Gilbert’s happy enthusiasm.  Thank you for the coffee and milk and porridge. Thank you for communication. Thank you for my home and this computer. Thank you for family and friends. Thank you for the Holy Book. Thank you for Science. Thank you for peace and meditation and prayer. Thank you for St. Patrick’s Breastplate Prayer. Thank you for civilization. Thank you for art and history and books and libraries and churches and hospitals and coffee shops and theatres.  Thank you for vehicles. Thank you for miners and oil men and ranchers and farmers and stores and truckers and all the people who work to bring it all together and make it happen ins just this complex right way.  Thank you for the goodness and the meritocracy. Thank you for all those who struggle to do their best. Thank you for those who suit up and show up each day. Thank you for those who do the heavy lifting and those who do the light lifting. Thank you for all your blessings. Thank you for this life and all it’s wonders and this earth with all the animals, birds, seasons, woods, flowers, lakes and streams.  Thank you Lord for Creation. Be with me as I do my tiny part today.  Help me through this day. Help me care for others as you care for me.  Thank you Lord.

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