Saturday, July 11, 2015

Alive on a Saturday

It’s a miracle really. I’m alive on this Saturday.  Years ago I went to a meeting, Alive on the Drive.  It was alive. I was a live. It was a miracle. We were all miracles.  Spiritual beings living in a material world.  All week long I am bombarded by the fear based media materialism.  Everything is money. We’re all reduced to the numbers of the gas camps.  It’s not a tattoo  that new totalitarian fascist communist entity puts on our arms but rather it’s a number they keep in a bank account somewhere.  Everything is fixed then,  finite.  Convenient for the bean counters.  They never could get trigonometry.    They’re stuck in algebraic.  Personally I’ve never transcended geometric. I’m happy with the Trinity.
They say though I am this number. I am shamed by  this new apartheid.  Leonard Cohen would call it the old snake in the new skin, fashions being what they are.
Even the Pope has become a lunatic with his pseudoscience climate change didactics.  We had Old Testament Droughts and the prophets said they were the acts of God.  Repent did mean we should all buy solar power panels then.  What has become of the spiritual for this supposed St. Francis reincarnate. He sounds more and more each day like a worn out marxist.  Jesus and his merry crew were small ‘c’ communist not big “C”, Marx Lenninist perpetual class war die hards.  He speaks of the poor in proletariat dichotomies.  Marx was an atheist and big C communism was the religion of atheism.  So what is this Pope speaking in the words of Marx when we would hope these tired days for at very least Isaiah.   Repent.  Turn inwards. Seek God.  Forgive Promissory Materialism.    St. Francis transcended the economics of his day, coopted by the church when he worked to feed the poor rather than join the latest materialist political fashion.
With local fires and water restrictions I was remembering Steinbeck and the 30’s. That brought to mind David and the droughts of ancient Egypt. Then I thought of the recurrent feared prairies fires of Saskatchewan throughout the hundreds of years before man’s genetically modified farming efforts as a side effect  slowed the wild fires.   But no one reads history any more.  The sweat of men in ancient days caused ‘climate change’?! It must have been the horse drawn buggies of the prairies and the first model T ford cars that caused the later droughts.
I am a heretic to even think these thoughts.  I am Galileo before the Pope today. That most corrupt of all deadly entities, the United Nations, home of arms dealers, with their appalling necrophiliacs Agenda 21, their kangaroo courts, and bully consensus are as terrifying as Herod and Caesar, Napoleon and Hitler. Layers and layers of make work bureaucracy are more wasteful than all the plastic containers in the world today.  Why can’t we have a recycle bin for the United Nations?   Despot leaders and terrorist nations call Israel the great Satan and some would even promote Sharia Law to put women back in the gilded cage.
They just make this shit  up as they go. No one confronts the idiocy. There’s no truth just groupspeak.  George Orwell and 1984 are gagging in their graves.  The media is a propaganda organ for mass stupidity while our own nations pushes marijunia as the solution to all that ails you.  Meanwhile we invade Afghanistan to destroy their poppy fields.  And the soldiers can’t help but see the irony of Flander’s Fields.
I am alive today.  I am alive.  This is a sacred moment for me. A miracle.  I am enjoying the summer warmth and the morning breeze.  I am grateful for the inexplicable reality of life, my life and this moment’s chance to focus not on the outward insanity but inwardly on God. This great and loving Mystery.  How come I to be here and a part of this wondrous celebration of life.  Here among trees and birds and animals.  I thank you Creator. Thank you dear Grace. Please grant me love, wisdom and wealth that I might serve you better if it be Thy will. Give health and wellness to my loved ones and guide me in your purpose.  May I serve you better.  Thank you this day.

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