Sunday, May 31, 2015

Westcoast Motorcycle Ride To Live

Westcoast Motorcycle Ride to Live is the great annual charity ride to raise money and consciousness for prostate cancer research.  Gilbert and I were there in the  Trev Deely Deely at quarter to 9 am.  I loved the bag pipes.  And also the Trev Deely service guy going about and air tank  checking tire pressure.   My forward tire is 36 psi and the rear one 40 psi.   I’d preregistered on line.  Only $25.  I’d bought lottery tickets as well.  
This was the 6th and I think I’ve been at 5, maybe all of them, come to think of it. I’d only remembered 4 but 2 were with Gilbert and a couple with Laura.  Now I remember going alone once maybe twice too.  Time passes when you’re having fun. The Ride to Live is fun.  Hundreds of bikes.      
I loved when the big gun went off and everyone hurried to saddles up.  Then that great  roar of motorcycle engines.  After that we slowly moved out in two by two formation.  I’ve been at the front in previous years but this time I was nearer the end.  When we came out on Hwy #1 there were two lanes of motorcycles as far as the I could see.  
It was an easier route than previous years. Thanks to those I rode with I didn’t get lost like I did last year.   Hard Rock Casino.    Then River Rock Casino in Richmond.   Then the Crescent Beach Legion and back to the Frazer Downs in Cloverdale.  I had U2 pounding in ‘the name of love’ on my Harley Davidson Electroglide Classic Speakers. The ride was terrific.  
Gilbert and Dave’s dog Emory met up at River Rock.  They peed on every bush together. A couple of biker dogs they were equally competitive as babe magnets.  The girls didn’t take their eyes off the dogs, hardly acknowledged us, a couple talked to Dave  but they all  cuddled both our dog’s.  They were kissing them and hugging them.   Their  biker boyfriends were jealous.  Gilbert fell in love with one young thing.  He would have run off with her on my bike if I hadn’t had the forethought to hold onto the keys.    
It was a great hot sunny day.  I loved the country wind in my hair.  I almost never came back. U2 blasting ‘road with no name.!"  
At  the Frazer Downs Dave and I got chilli and potato salad, chips and drinks lunch.  It hit the spot after the all morning ride.  I’d guess we were 4 hours on the bikes.  It’s not a race though some might see it that way.  At the Downs a really tight band played a lot of rock, country and blues, ‘real music’, not rap. Next we wandered around with the dogs looking at the various vendor shops then the vintage cars and trucks. . The dogs were in dog heaven.  More young girls cuddling them and here and there another biker dog to meet and greet.  
I was fading quick though.  I’d won a Honda bag with a Lordco cap so felt my face was safe from the sun but with the heat and a belly full of good food were taking their toll.  I understand why the old guys take their bikes in RV’s and then after parking the RV get out on the bikes. Then they have a handy place to come back for a nap.   I  bid adieu to Dave worried if I stayed longer I’d fall asleep in the saddle.  Thanks to Dave’s directions,  it was a quick ride home.  And yes a nap was just what I needed.  
A lot of good people organized  this event. I’d really like to thank them.   Lots of Vets were there. The Vancouver Police were awesome.  I loved all the variety of motorcycles, Harley Davidson’s for sure, but lots of Honda’s, BMW’s, Victories, Kawazaki’s , Triumphs. It’s really a big shine and show besides the rides.  Great to see all the girls out on their bikes this year riding ’to save BC Men”.  A glorious day for a really good cause! 

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