Friday, May 8, 2015

Honda Center, Vancouver, BC and the Honda 2.3 hp Outboard Motor

I love Honda Center, on first at boundary. My favourite person from the Kits Honda moved over to this Honda and by luck I found them.  I'd bought an incredible CRF 250 off road on road Honda Motorcycle.  It was a jewel of a machine.  When I needed to buy a 30 HP  Honda Outboard marine motor  I bought it here. I 've bought Honda Ruckuses and several generators over the years so really admire the Honda reliability, design, manufacture and service.
Now I’ve just bought my 2.3 Honda outboard.  The 30 hp honda goes on my AB 12 Profile hard bottom inflatable with centre console.  I have that for fishing and getting about in harbour.  Lots of trips to the Lonsdale Quay for weekend shopping.  Even some trips from Coal Harbour round to Granville Island to shop at West Marine over there.
 Now over the years I’ve had a lot of outboards. I have always had an inflatable dinghy on my sailboat with an outboard.  25 years ago I had a huge  zodiac and a 15 hp.  I was young and muscular. I could lift the motor from the dinghy up onto the sailboat deck, no sweat. I had winches too but sometimes didn’t bother.  Then I moved down to the 9.9 hp and after that the 6 hp and smaller lighter dinghies.  Age makes one more reasonable and my back began to rebel at lifting motors from bouncing dinghies up to sailboat decks. I just gave Tom my  almost new 4 hp outboard motor in exchange for boat work because the last time I sailed over to Nanaimo lifting even that little motor back onto my sailboat was dicey.   Hence the 2.3 hp portable Honda Outboad. I still have the choice to tow the big dinghy with the 30 hp.  I certainly couldn’t tow that off shore so the 2.5 hp is the ultimate motor to get me from boat to shore anywhere.
The Honda 2.3 4 stroke outboard motor weighs only 12 kg.  And it is a sweet machine. I am so looking forward to using it. It fit in the boot of my Miata sportscar it was that portable.  Excellent for my canoe on inland lakes too.
Normally I look at all the motorcycles but this time I couldn’t help but notice all the lawn mowers.  The guys gave me a real great demonstration of my engine in the service area with some great ideas for long term maintenance techniques.  You can easily drain the carburetor on this one for longer term safer storage.  Laura and Gilbert came along for the shopping adventure.  Thank you Honda Centre for all the great products and service.
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