Friday, May 8, 2015

St. James Anglican Church Sunday Service.

I’m more of a winter Christian church goer. When the summer comes I’m usually worshipping in the outdoors.  As I attended Christ Church Cathedral during the North Shore Round Up Easter Weekend I hadn’t been at St. James church for some weeks. I’m a member there and its where I see Kevin and Anna and the god children. There’s others there I enjoy too. I realized this acutely after a few week absence. Kind of like coming home.   Gilbert has his whole fan club there and everyone missed him this week. I’d had a sweet ride in on  my Harley.  I decided to leave him till I got more used to being back in the saddle.  I’ve really missed Father Mark but today enjoyed Father’s Mathew’s sermon. He’s definitely one of my favourite people and I love his street mission work.  It was good to be back at church.  The choir was in superb form. The sound system had been adjusted so I could hear the service better. I thought it was me but apparently others had been having difficulty. I really appreciated the improvement.  Made me feel young again.  Communion is always a special time.  That and confession and sharing the Lords Prayer.  This week our statue of Mary got a new wreath .I felt lighter leaving and enjoyed talking with others after church.  I even learned that Chris rode a Kawasaki. Thank you St. James Anglican Church. Thank you Jesus.
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