Monday, April 6, 2015

Mount Vernon Tulip Festival

The Mount Vernon Washington Tulip Festival is a natural wonder to behold. Each April it occurs between the town of Mount Vernon and La Connor, the drive being marked by signs showing the “Tulip Route”.  Thanks to our Facebook friend, Angela, we learned that this year’s tulips were blossoming early so best to come this Easter Weekend.  Following the church and the north shore round up, Laura, Gilbert and I loaded up in my Mazda Miata sportscar  for our almost annual journey south to see the psychedelic beauty of miles of tulips blooming.
We cross at Peace Arch then head south to the beautiful Chuckanut drive along the coast.  Some years I’ve come on motorcycle but the weather is still iffy in April so the sportscar is a safer bet. This year we had the top down the whole drive.
The Tulip Festival is eye candy experience I liken to a particular candy raste experience I had as a child. Sucking on the candy was good but when you bit into it your whole mouth exploded with this extraordinary flavour. That’s the same for the spring ride in the farming district outside Mount Vernon. Alone the green is terrific but when you come upon the fields of colourful tulips and daffodils its like your eyes are woken by the sheer audacity of brilliant colour from the grey of winter slumber.  If I was a robot I expect this would be what an updating rebooting visual experience would be like.
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