Thursday, April 9, 2015

Canucks vs Coyotes Hockey Game, Rogers Stadium, Vancouver

What a great night with the guys.  One day Dave and I were talking about Harleys and hockey.  That got me thinking about going to a Canucks game.
I hadn’t been since the 2011 Vancouver riot.  I’d been so disappointed and ashamed of everyone that night. Were it not for the incredible Vancouver police things would have been a whole lot worse. The next day I loved that the good Canucks fans got out and helped clean up the damage the ugly had caused.  It kind of turned me off the big hockey.
 My friend James, who really loves hockey and is a true Canucks fan told me, “It’s really a whole different team from then.”  New coach, new goalie, new attitude.  I figured I shouldn’t hold a resentment.   Besides I wanted James and Kevin to meet. They’re two of my favourite fathers with kids the same age. So next thing Tom, Steve, Dave, James, Kevin and I are going to a Canucks game.  Tom, Dave, Steve and I are the old guys.  When I saw the team they seemed so young.
We had seats in the Canuck fan section right by the goal. The Canucks scored 5:0 against the Coyotes.  We had the Coyote goal in front us during second period so saw three of the best goals in the history of hockey.  In the other two periods we’d watch  Eddie Lack do amazing saves that had us and the whole packed arena standing and applauding. It was a special night of sports.  Good camaraderie and just plain fun.  James is right. It's a whole new Canucks team that's now going to the play offs.
IMG 8580
Here’s James and Kevin wearing Canucks sweaters.  We arrived early so I got to have a hot dog and poutine dinner served to me at my seat by a very sweet young girl.  I confess I loved the service.  Hockey was never this classy when we played on the frozen Red River as kids.
 IMG 8582
My friend Anne told me that men thought she was the sexiest when she was dressed in an apron.  I confess I hadn’t realized that but I really do like women in aprons.
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Eddie Lack is incredible.
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