Friday, April 3, 2015

Faure' Requiem - Vancouver Chamber Choir

My soprano friend Anna introduced me to Handel’s Messiah years ago.  I was so impressed I have returned year after year. Now I’ve heard Faure Requiem for the first time and it’s the same exhilaration.  I look forward to returning to this exciting experience of glorious music again and again. The Vancouver Chamber Choir was incredible in the opening works by Schutz and Carissimi. Steven Belanger’s baritone voice was a pure joy to hear. Siri Oleson’s divine soprano made the Faure Requiem for me.   All the alto, tenor, soprano, and bass were  wonderful but as yet I cannot put names to the exquisite voices.  Laura and I loved every moment.
The Vancouver Chamber Orchestra was an utter delight.  It seemed every single instrument could be heard separately and together.  I can’t recall a time I’ve been so enchanted by the sounds of instruments placing halos on saintly voices.  The Faure Requiem conclusion included the Vancouver Chamber Choir, Pacifica Singers with director Kevin Zakresky and Vancouver Youth Choir with director Carrie Tenant.  John Washburn’s overall directing and personal appeal brought all this genius and talent together.  I loved the harp and horns.  Leaving the old ornate Orpheum we stepped outside to the sight of a  full moon. I could swear the old man was smiling.    
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