Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Story - lovers

The night was darker than most. Given her intentions she wasn’t wearing bright or reflective clothing despite what the ads recommended for cyclists.  Leaving her bicycle in the trees at the final turn up the hill, she began the slow walk.  A slight drizzle caused her eyes to squint. So much the better.  Neon lights flickered in the distance.   

Ahead, the mid size car was just visible.  Closing quietly from behind, to the driver's side, she saw the passengers entwined, groping.  She moved closer, bending,  seeing the back of his head, her face covered in the kiss. 

She actually thought that with one bullet she might kill them  both.   But the angle was off.   Taking the Glock 9 mm from her pea jacket pocket, she put its barrel nearer the window.  She leaned further sideways, aiming. She squeezed off the shot.  The sound was deafening, reverberating. Shattering glass, the hollow point bullet entered the back of his skull, instantly praying mantis his brain.  

The bitch took the second bullet in her pretty face. She was looking straight at her.   The brown eyes wide, mouth forming the beginning of a scream,  She had  pulled back instantly from the kiss of death. The bullet shattered her brain against the window behind her.  Probably mussed her perfect hair as well.  

The silence was deafening then. The only light was the neon sign at the top of the hill.  A flickering cross. 

Pocketing the Glock, she scanned for movement.  There was none.  The noise had broken the silence but the dark remained in tact.  

She walked down the hill.   The drizzle turned to rain.  It would hide her prints.  Still, she'd thought to wear men's shoes, her size.  She picked up her bicycle from beside the tree, mounted it.  The rain splashed her face as she rode downhill.  There was no other traffic.  No sirens either.   Back at the car she dismounted and strapped the bicycle on  the back rack.   In the car she turned on the ignition. The lights came on,  the engine fired immediately.  She checked her mirrors before pulling out.  There was no need. There were only corpses and a cross behind her.  She was finally alone.

She  circled back  to the city.   She felt safe in the city.  No one would find her.   She was  a stranger there. Just the way she liked it.

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