Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Story - cops and forensics

“Recognise him?” the grey haired uniform asked.
“How could I not? “ said June.  June was the homicide detective assigned the case.
 Do we know who the girl is yet?”
“Doesn’t look like the pictures I’ve seen of his wife?”
“No, it doesn ‘t, does it?”

“Who found him?” she asked.
“A jogger. Said he likes to combine his visiting the cross with running.  Jogs up here every Sunday.  This morning said he saw the car in passing, happened to look in the busted window.. Got quite a fright.   Used his cell phone to call 911.”
“You the first here?” June asked
“Yea, I was just ending up my shift.  Rain pretty much washed everything away.  We’ll still waiting for forensics. Maybe we’ll get lucky.”
“Otherwise it’s just a shot through the window,” said June.
“That’s about it.”
“We’ll have to talk to the wife. Would be nice to know who the girl is.”

Forensics arrived then. June went back to her car to wait while photographs were being taken.  A couple of ambulances pulled up beside her.  In addition to the victims car,  three patrol cars, forensics, the ambulances and herself there wasn’t any more room on the hill.  Looking up, she saw the cross.

“Lieutenant Hallbrick, we’re ready to examine the body,” the tech told her through the crack in the car window.  She put her note pad back in her pocket, climbing out of the car to follow him.

“Time of death, Doc?”  June asked?
“Somewhere around midnight.
“Looks like shot to skull then shot to face.  That how you see it.”
“Looks that way. I’ll be more certain after I’ve examined all the evidence.”
“You’re right, Doc, just considering preliminaries.”
“Shooter may have been trying to get both with one shot actually. Trajectory just off by a little.”
“That might be important. Thanks Doc.”
“You know I’m not saying anything, just speculating.”
“I know, but thanks anyway.”

June poked her head in the door and glanced around some more before letting the ambulance attendants take the bodies.

Wayne arrived then parking his red mustang behind the last ambulance. 

“Glad you could join us,” said June
“Yea, yea,” said Wayne “What have we got?”

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