Saturday, February 14, 2015

Canadian Authors Association, West Coast Branch, Open Mike, Feb. 2015

I loved the Canadian Authors Association. It’s truly ‘writers helping writers’.  So many of us benefit so much from those who go before us.  Jean Kay and Bernice Lever, our much loved poets were so uplifting with Valentine’s appropriate reads of love and laughter.  Robert Mackie, author of Terror on the Alert (really one of my all time favourite reads) filled in for Margot Baits who was attacked by the germ warfare nanobot virus that the government is calling this year’s flu.  There is some suspicion that the Chinese developed this particular virus just to slow down Margot whose a whirling dervish in the CAA.   Margaret Hume was also struck down by air born agents of mass destruction.  We pray for their quick recovery.  Dennis Bolen, author of Black Liquor, announced the upcoming CAA events.  Enrico came with Lilija and accompanied her poetry on guitar giving the CAA night a truly avante garde element of  ‘performance art’ .  Roxanne was an amazing time keeper.  It helped that she wore a flak jacket, military helmut and Glock 9mm.
I loved all the readings amazed at the talent and diversity. Nothing gets one’s own creative juices flowing than being amongst creative giants.
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