Thursday, December 25, 2014

Gilbert, Therapy Cockapoo

Gilbert has been a therapy dog since he was a puppy. I’ve had him at work with me in both my psychiatry and my addiction medicine clinics.  He’s been a ‘greeter’ and ‘play therapist’. He’s also had a great intuitive depth as to who needed his love and care.  Several of my most disturbed patients isolated in their psychosis and misery have been helped out of their morbid depression by Gilbert’s paw and wet nose or gentle tongue.  

I think he’s my therapy dog as well since I’m happiest with him around.  It’s hard to be angry when I watch his enthusiasm with life and little critic antics.  So finally with the help of friends and authorities Gilbert received his formel Therapy Dog vest.  He’s now credentialled and official, his years of selfless work acknowledged.  

Normally he doesn’t like wearing jackets and such though that doesn’t stop me and my staff from dressing him, he actually doesn’t mind this lose fitting  ‘vest’ .  He really does look professional now.

 IMG 7269IMG 7271IMG 7201IMG 7203DSC00005IMG 7270IMG 7268

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