Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Climate Change Hysteria and a New Year

I fear the dawning of a New Year will be a severe disappointment to the United Nations Climate Change Committee.  I fear I am alone as I listen to their incessant cry:
“Do as I say or die!"
“Give me money or the world will end!”
Meanwhile everyone is being reasonable. But nothing is ‘enough’.  Nothing less than perfection is ‘good enough’.
I’ve heard this message, this critical, whining, complaining, message all my life.  The ‘position’ has been different but always it’s the ‘new religion’.  This Cult of Death cries over and over again.
“Do as I say or die!”   “Listen!, Listen!”. "Listen to me alone!"
Today they claim ‘science’ but science is debate. This isn't science.  It's histeria.  It's fanaticism.  It's politics. It's hustling.
 I am a scientist, The science they slogan is pseudoscience. It's not real science.  The money they want is real money.   It’s always about money.  Give me money and I’ll save the world.  Give me your money.  Do as I say.  You can’t trust anyone but me.  I’ve heard this all my life.
I’m getting old now. It's getting old.
Yet another New Year has come.  Love has won, again.  I’m thankful.  I’m really thankful for all the real scientists, all the real problem solvers,  solution based folks building and making and winning despite the complainers and whiners.
The United Nations is an industry of third world dictators.  The Security Council is the headquarters central for the arms trade.  I’m not being cynical. I simply know casinos don’t want to stop gambling just limit the gambling to those who don’t lose control and sell their children. I know the bars don’t want to stop selling booze just not sell it to those who have already had one liver transplant. The tobacco industry was fine with selling cigarettes as long as you had both lungs.  Really after you’ve lost one lung to cancer you really should move along.  The images of the victims of these industries are bad for their business. The same is true for the UN. It’s industry is war.  The ‘security council’ doesn’t want to stop war. It's in the business of selling weapons and ammunition.  It just doesn’t want the war to get out of control. It’s same old game.  It's the Great Game.
Now the climate change hysterics are on about saving the world with their latest set of regulations. They want another set of United Nations climate change police.  We've got police for the police and committees upon committees.  It’s all hysteria.
“Trust me! Trust me! Trust me!”  "Give me your money!"  "Give me your life!"
You’re wrong.  Your predictions have all been false.  The world hasn’t ended.  The sky isn’t falling.  The war to end all wars didn’t end all wars.    Just get on with it. You do your thing. I’ll do mine. But stop your incessant childish bullying.  Stop your name calling and your false advertisements and your claim to represent ‘science’.
You’re the United Nations and you're not even United.   The number of mistakes you’ve made , the terrorists you’ve backed, the dictators you’ve supported and the money you’ve wasted is irreverent.
Now you claim that by having another meeting, another committee in your unending rounds of government committees with your resolutions , your exorbitant salaries, and your dictates, that you will save us all from ourselves. You talk. You talk.  You talk and you talk and you talk. And you talk to each other.  And you agree to agree and you want us to pay for your party.  While the rest of us are digging holes and planting trees.  We’re building while you tear down.
You criticize the whole history of human kind. You condemn all that has brought us thus far. You deny life on this planet. You deny the very life that has blossomed and risen.  You are insane.
It’s a New Year.
Despite your incessant hysteria. Despite your promise of death, we have lived.  I'm here to tell you we are in a "Life Change" equation  but today We are alive.
I know you will rain on this parade. You rain on any parade.  You're soul suckers. Meanwhile, I’m going to laugh and sing and celebrate another New Year.  BecauseI believe.  I believethe future is safe even from your soul sucking.  I believe and I have faith. I believe in the present and I believe in the future and I believe in the past.  I believe good men and good women will prevail. I believe we will survive.  We will survive and we will thrive.   I am in love with life. I am just damned tired of your constant whining, complaining,  criticizing and negativity.
It’s a New Year.
We’ve survived despite your claims otherwise.
It’s a New Year and the planet is still here.
Wake up.  Arise.  Celebrate.
Get over yourself. Get out of yourself.  Hear the fear that is you.  Change yourself.  The planet is fine.  We’re fine.  There’s lots to do.  There’s all manner of work to be done.  We don’t need another committee. We don’t need any more ‘threats’.  Stop selling your mealy mouth wares, hawking your worn out slogans with that same old hysteria.  Become the solution.  Be the solution.  Show me, don’t tell me.
It’s a New Year.
I’m frankly thankful. With your mass hysteria,collective stupidity. brain washing the young, and the corruption of the media,  I admit I’ve had my worries.  I know climate. I know science.  But the truth be told nothing is more dangerous than my fellow man except maybe my fellow woman.  And the folk who make up the United Nations are the power brokers of the greatest killers of all times.  You don't get to sit in the United Nations unless you've pleased the man whose selling the big guns in your nation.  Sure they'll outlaw guns for common folk but all the leaders in the United Nation they have guns.  They have the biggest guns of all times.  They can change the climate or the planet anytime they want.  They can kill us dozens of times over but they don't want to.  That would be bad for business.  And they're in the business of war.  That's why it's called the Security Council.  And they don't want things to get out of control.  Not out of their control, anyway. The leadership of this world is based on survival.  They may not be the fittest by any sense of the word but they are survivors.  And they want to survive and they want their kids to survive.   While no one wants to talk about that elephant in the room, that elephant is saying ‘trust me to fix the climate’ . Frankly I don’t trust them to fix squat!  They’re wanting to meddle for profit and nothing else.  Their science is pseudoscience.  And they lie.  Some say that the biggest brain was made for the biggest lie.
But it’s a New Year.
And I’m glad for it.
It’s a New Year. I’m going to dance and sing.  I’m going to tell everyone to dance and sing and celebrate whether it rains or it shines.
Ding dong the witches dead!  Beware of her negativity and incessant complaining and whining and threatening and bullying and demanding.  Just because it kills her doesn't mean it has to kill you.  Mostly beware of anyone saying they're doing it for someone else good  but not their own.  Beware of give me money to help a snail. Or I'm going to kill him for his sake.  I”m saving the planet for the children and the grand children.  Hell, that’s prophecy and religion.  Predictions and projections are just fancy words for “I can see the future”. Give me your money.
Well I can see the future.
t’s a New Year.
Despite all their doom and Death Cult chants we’re alive.
We survived.  Dance, sing, celebrate!
I thank God for that!

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