Saturday, December 20, 2014


In the beginning there was God and God created the  heavens and the earth, (the universe, the multiverse all matter, energy, things and people in it and of it)
Was there God and building blocks?
Was there God and nothingness?
Or was there just God.
And God Created all from himself (Thyself).
The One became many.  The journey outward.
We are created in  the “image of God’.  That’s the “imagination of God”.
I remember Dr. Carl Ridd telling us that when he taught Literature of the Bible, at University of Winnipeg in the early 70’s.  I was struck by the ‘face’ of it.  Later I’d appreciate 'appearances'  as described by  the theologian, Owen Barfield.   The psychiatrist,  Dr. Carl Jung,  called the outer layer of our individuality  “persona’ ,  that face we showed to the world, the mask we wore.   Indian mystics meanwhile sung “I am the bubble, make me the sea.”
Asking the Burning Bush who he was, the answer came to Moses, “YHVEH”  That name of God, that could never be spoken, for to know God fully was to loose oneself, YHVH was later translated “I am that is who I am.”  Part of the great mystery is that only an approximation of reality in analog.
The depth of each of us, that very ‘beingness’ of each of us, the soul, that individual dream of God was, in deed, our very connection to the One Dreamer, or Creator.  The greeting "Namaste", means simply  'the God in me salutes the God in you." Jesus Christ translated means 'God Within", "God will come again". The meaning of the word Gospel, was simply the  "good news".
I am a child of God.  I am made of the same 'god stuff', the 'soul stuff' of creation.   I can think of God and know God because I’m actually "God thought"  or to use a term from  science fiction writer, Robert Heinlein,  "God grok".
The prime being, or prime number is 1.  There is an alternative beginning in zero.    The life myth in the east was more circularity while in the west linearity prevailed suggesting a possible gendered yin or feminine and yang or masculine masculine understanding of  matter or energy. Of course, the physicist, Albert Einstein joined them in his famous equation E=MC2  which connected the matter of energy and mass such that later we could think of matter as 'slow energy', or energy as 'fast matter'. It was really relative.
Because of the nanoseconds involved in human thought and the individual experiencing of experience, if God is "Number 1" then  I am "Number 2" ,despite how desperately I might wish to be  “Number 1’.  Hence the notion of  Humility as a spiritual concept like grace that follows the study of history where an endless stream of Nietzean supermen claimed they ware ’number #1” only to pass away like leaves of grass while the idea of God remained.  Even the atheists build on the platform of anti theism.
Martin Buber called the experience of God,  “I and Thou” in contrast to the essentially paranoid position psychiatrists  call  "I and It."  In one there is a sense of awe and wonder whereas in the other there is that primitive sense of fear and alienness.     In the  sense of not being alone, even in the depth of my aloneness, in that place that Kierkegaard called ‘existential angst’, I can retreat or stand and embrace.  At the essence of embracing there is the ultimate surrender,  some  call 'love'.
In prayer, especially that personal relational prayer James Houston describes, I build the path to that awareness. In calling out to the other, even in the Dark Night of the Soul,  in love, in seeking the light ,in turning outward from my own ‘morbid depression’, I ascend to that that place of  eternal lightness of being.  I am lifted then ‘as on eagles wings’.
And the journey home begins.

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