Sunday, June 16, 2013

Plumper Cove, Keats Island, BC

I motored my Folkes 39.9 cutter rigged steel sailboat from Coal Harbour to Plumper Cove, anchoring Friday night .  We just had time to barbecue shish kabobs steaks bits and have with boiled potatoes and carrots.    In the morning after a marvellous breakie of fried eggs and hash browns from the left over potatoes, Gilbert and I got in the dinghy and rowed ashore.  I love the Plumper Cove Marine Park.  Great dog walk into the backwoods.  There's a creek that runs down the backside of the little hill.  Gilbert sniffed everything and peed on everything else.
Then we got back to the dinghy and rowed out to the boat at anchor.  It was a tough day of reading and napping and nibbling.  I had a shower at some point. The sun was so out that I put on sunscreen.  Despite this my face is red after the weekend.  I read Spirtual Theology by Diogene Allen and Inferno by Dan Brown. I even did a couple of chapters of Biblical Hebrew homework.  Four more to go to catch up.  I've a tutor planned as well.  All to be able to read genesis.  And hopefully visit Jerusalem again.  I loved the holy city.
Somehow with very little effort on my part, the day passed.  I fished a bit off the deck and eventually almost bored settled down for the night and slept another great sleep at anchor.
Today I weighed anchor early, well 9 am. I'd woke at 8 am.  On the way back I noticed i needed to add oil to the engine and everything was well after that. There's a harmonic on the shaft and prop around 2000 rpm but not there at fishing speed of 1500 or travelling speed at 2500 rpm.  It was a great moment when I caught a fish. Wow.  It was a cod and very quickly ended up on the barbecue.  I boiled some potatoes and peas to go with it and was delighted.
Gilbert even liked some bone free bits.
Then it was motoring home.  I almost put up the sail but I'm not that well stowed below. Besides I was enjoying reading Brown's book and sailing would mean running about on deck instead.  So lazy 'iron jenny'.   Great help from my neighbour docking.  A good outing.  Gilbert was glad to be back on dock.  IMG 0409IMG 0427IMG 0428IMG 0425IMG 0429IMG 0430IMG 0414IMG 0424

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