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AB Profile A12 Inflatable and Honda 4 stroke 30 HP Outboard Motor

I ordered my AB Prolife A12 Inflatable from Kits Inflatable Boats(‎) .
I first saw the AB Profile boats at the Vancouver Boat Show 2 years ago and really couldn't stop thinking about them. I looked at  slew of other boats wanting a fast fishing boat that would be able to also be used for hunting moose. At the Vancouver Boat Show in Spring I ordered one from Craig Frazer.  They were back ordered.  Very popular.  It was worth the wait.

I've just had mine out today with the new Honda 4 stroke 30 HP Outboard Motor ( from Marine Honda at First in Burnaby(
30 HP is the maximum power for the A12 but the AB profiles come in larger and smaller sizes that take different HP.  The Maximum weight for the A12 is 2,032 lbs or 6 adults.  I wanted the seat and console which Craig had installed when the boat came in. Then he took the boat over to Honda Marine where Lee and the folks there had the steering package installed.  Having bought off road motorcycles (Honda 250 CC)  from Honda Marine and knowing the people there, I trust them.
I love Honda 30 HP Outboard.
The Highliner trailer (model PWC 1) which Kits got for me has a swing tongue so it's more easily stored.  We estimate boat and motor at around 800 lbs.
The Honda 30 HP weight is 155 lbs. 552 CC engine.
It's amazing.
I had a heck of time getting the papers on Friday. The boat was all ready for pick up at Honda and the guys were great. I just couldn't find a 2 "" ball for the tow.  Lee offered to loan me his and after he'd got his off his truck I went back and found mine.  Typical!  I then had to borrow a license plate to get the boat home.
Craig was delayed because he had  had to get three of these AB Profiles off to Alberta because of the flood there. There was an emergency call and the guys at Kits put three together rush to put on the train to help people flooded out of their homes in Calgary.  Extraordinary flood situation. Downtown all out of power and thousands homeless.
Craig was kind enough to  meet me at North Shore  London Drugs to get the trailer plate just before they closed. I wrote a cheque for the final amount having paid for the motor in the fall and having put a hefty downpayment on the boat at the boat show. It actually came in as estimated which impressed me with Kits and Honda Marine. I'd had extra requests and all went well.
It was a late start but I actually drove out to Harrison Hot Spring Resort arriving just after midnight. I was tired but the truck and boat and even the Honda 250 motorcycle in back were all with me.  The rooms were great as usual, and pretty soon Gilbert had a mess of things on the floor to play with. Mostly he's of the belief my role in life is to throw his yellow ball.
I slept wonderfully here as always. I love the Harrisons Hot Springs Resort
While I had the trailer insured with ICBC I didn't have the actual boat and motor insured.  So I didn't want to leave them in the unguared lot by the dock despite the number of locks I put on the trailer and boat and motor. That was one reason why I wanted to come to Harrisons HotSpring Resort. Their parking is pretty secure and I could try try the boat out  in quiet fresh water before putting the boat in the ocean.  I also knew the boat launch at Harrison was really straightforward.  I didn't know the ocean boat launch on the north shore and didn't want to deal with tides and currents right off.
It was a good idea.
In the morning I drove to Chilliwack to get fishing supplies at Fred's
I needed a part for my down rigger and tow rope. I also stopped at Mountainview Harley Davidson in Chilliwack.
I had all my motorcycle gear except for forgetting a helmut. I found just the one I wanted but also got a Harley cap to keep the sun off my face out on the water.  
That was all the gear so I drove back to Harrison Hot Springs unable to put the launch off any more. I loaded the boat, checked everything out and then drove to where I was in place to begin to back the boat trailer up. I'm not very good at backing up with trailers.  It wasn't a pretty sight. It was eventually achieved without any damage to property or person. Yet another lesson in humility. 
The boat was afloat. That was the best part.  Just looking at it beside the dock was joyful.   Amazing!
Wow.  It really did look good.  Everyone has been telling me how great it looked out of water but it looked even better in water.  Driving up hill with just the trailer was easy.  Parking with the empty trailer wasn't a problem either. So much is perception.
Back in the boat, the motor started instantly then after a while in neutral it puttered out.  I checked everything then phoned Honda Marine.  Great guy at the store walked me through everything even though I've been around boat motors all my life. Listened to the engine over the cellphone.  Really figured it must be lack of gas. I'd thought so too and gone through the fuel supply. I checked the vent again and really opened it up.  It's a different kind of cap and I think it needed to be like the whole cap was open. The motor started with a turn of the switch then.  I learned from the fellow how to adjust the idle. That was a new system.  Different from the handle throttle I was used to.  I thanked Honda Marine.  Quiet motor sound but  so efficient too.  I untied from  the dock and put the throttle in forward. I was going okay, ploughing through the water but not really making any great speed. Maybe 5 to 10 knots.  So I gave it power.
I porpoised to a plane and then bounced like a skipped stone across the lake.  It was freaky. I was really concerned I was going to flip the boat. Gilbert was concerned too.  I kept accelerating nd getting to the plane and then backing off the power unable to stand the speed.
We travelled, not quite light speed: we achieved that later when I finally got the courage to do Full Open Throttle.  That was after I trolled all around the big main island in the middle of Harrisons. Now I know that people have their cottages there. I didn't catch fish but I tried out the down rigger, found out the boat does fantastic as a fishing trolling boat.  Realized this was going to do well hunting too.  Such a solid aluminium floor.  
Craig told me that I'd probably have 3 hours of travel time with the 3 galls of fuel and I'd picked up another 3 gal spare.  The 3 gal tank was the only one that fit under the seat.  I decided I'd had enough fishing after catching weeds with my flasher.  So I stowed my fishing gear.  That's when I found out how fast the boat can do on a Full Open Throttle on plane. It bounces, flies and soars.

I''ll get the plane fan for the outboard. I had one on the 9.9 hp when I was able to go at high speed in Mexico with my dinghy down there.  It helps get one up on plane at lower speed so it's more efficient and smoother.  This one  will do the same, I'm sure.  I had to stand when I was going on plane, leaning over the console, one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the throttle.  Trolling I liked sitting facing forward like I was driving a car. It really keeps its point too.
With all the sun and excitement I was happy to get back to the launch after a whole afternoon of boating.  I still had to be sure I could get the boat onto the trailer and out of the water.  This I did all the while Gilbert ran on the grass and visited another dog, telling him all about the big boating adventure he'd just been on.  He was wearing his yellow life jacket and looking very nautical as he smoked a pipe and leaned back against the fence.
Back at Harrison's Hotsprings Resort I could have crashed. I could crash now too.  But I left Gilbert, he's such a good dog, after feeding him and giving him a bone, and headed down for some body soothing hot spring waters.  Unbelievably perfect.  Sunshine was still out and I did a tour of the adult pool then swam 10 lengths in the cold water before ending up in the indoor cooker pool.  Lots of bikinis. 
Gilbert was glad to see me when I returned. I had planned to take him for a ride on the motorcycle but I'm going to order room service and watch a movie instead.  I'm exhausted with excitement, adventure, sunshine and hot springs.  I've walked Gilbert a couple of times too. What a great day.

I love the AB Profile and Honda 30 HP. Thank you Kits Inflatables and Honda Marine!
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