Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Canadian Authors Association - Vancouver Branch - June 12, 2013

As  I raced from the clinic to the Howe Street Arts Alliance building I was sure the astonishingly brilliant writer Dennis Bolen would be there doing his ever superb 'member at large'.
When I parked, the Howe Street parking meter only accepted my kidney for coin. The last time I gave it a lung.
I was glad to see Joyce at the door.  Her job is to ward off demons as well as keep all manner of ragmuffins out.  Musicians, lawyers, and scientists have been known to crash CAA meetings.  When I looked in the room it was obvious Joyce had done a rum job.  Only poets, authors and  rapt admirers were there.  The electricity in the room was evident.

Trish Webb was performing Albert and the Lion.

Now that took me back.  I'd first heard Albert and the Lion recited by my mate in medical school. He went on to pass gas.

 Trish later shared that writing children's stories improved one's skills because children are impatient and highly critical of anything that bores.
I enjoyed her presentation especially the  delicious readings from her poetry and short stories.

The following notes are from  one finger entry iPhone notepad.

Trish Webb
Left Yorkshire age 8
Welsh father - rugby player - taped yourself up or taped everyone else up
Mother humor and stories

Was a poet
Studied with Canadian writers
Learned to get out of my comfort zone
Learned how powerful it was to share work
Shared poem- millworker

(Much applause)
(Camera flashes)
(The Paparazzi are following  poets now)

Doing readings getting published got short listed for narrative poem
- wrote more narrative political pieces trying to fit in minimalist poem form 
Moved to Osoyous away from writing community and questioned mysel being writer began painting 
Then got job back on coast and met (?nodded at one of the paparazzi) 
Man I met advertising for an artist
Took online SFU memoir course and was amazed that writing 750 words amazing for poet but best I'd ever written so took SFU writer studio with intent to change from poet to story writer .
I began to free write 2000 words a night to turn off the editor - became more comfortable with chasing characters and letting them go
Went to studio to write memoir and ended with series of short stories
- one - bone church
(She read from this to more applause)

Dennis Bolen thanked Trish. More applause, and the formal meeting ended.

I talked with  poet Lilija Valis, sharing how much I enjoyed her book, Freedom on the Fault Line.
I shared I had my own poetry  manuscript completed. She asked me  the title.
"Love Between the Sacred and Profane" I said.
The sound rolling off my lips, like ceiling painted breath.
 Lilija smiled warmly.  Writers helping writers. She's working on her own new poetry book. I know she knows the absurd joy of literary creation.  There's rich madness in a poet's eyes.


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